5 Letter Words Ending With LLY - List of Five Letter Words Ends With LLY

5-Letter Words Ending With "LLY" In recent times, there has been a notable surge in people's fascination with hunting down 5-letter words. By delving into this article, you'll uncover 5-letter words concluding with "LLY" and explore their respective definitions.

by Snekha S | Updated Nov 03, 2023 06:34 PM

5 Letter Words Ending With LLY - List of Five Letter Words Ends With LLY

5 Letter Words Ending With LLY

Are you prepared to embark on an exciting journey into the realm of words? Recently, it appears that everyone is in pursuit of 5-letter words, all thanks to the captivating game Wordle! This puzzle sensation not only entertains but also hones your cognitive abilities by enriching your vocabulary. With the power of words, we can overcome any challenge!

While some individuals play with words, others wield them like masters. If you're one of those word enthusiasts, you likely find yourself perusing dictionaries, searching for words that either begin with a specific letter or end with a particular one. Well, guess what? You're in for a treat! This article serves as your ultimate guide to uncovering those elusive 5 Letter Words Ending With "LLY."

Feeling a bit short on words? No need to worry! We've got you covered with an impressive list of 5 Letter Words Ending With "LLY." But that's not all each word is accompanied by its definition, providing you with an opportunity to expand your vocabulary and leave a lasting impression on your friends.

So, fasten your seatbelt and read on until the very end. Prepare to unlock a treasure trove of words and their meanings that will leave you in awe!


Explore the creative mind behind the addictive online word game, Wordle! Meet Josh Wardle, a talented programmer known for previous creations like the captivating social experiments Place and The Button for Reddit.

Wordle made its debut in October 2021, quickly captivating word game enthusiasts. This exciting game tasks players with guessing a five-letter word using just six attempts. The twist? Wordle provides feedback through colored tiles, offering valuable hints about the placement of each guessed letter. With each guess, you'll uncover which letters are in the correct position and which ones belong elsewhere in the word. It's a delightful blend of strategy and deduction that will keep you engaged!

List of 5 Letter Words Ending With LLY

The following table contains the 5 Letter Words Ending With LLY.


5 Letter Words Ending With LLY









Meanings of 5 Letter Words Ending With LLY

BULLY: An individual who recurrently seeks to inflict harm, intimidate, or exert control over others, often perceived as aggressive or unkind.

Belly: The anterior section of the human body, located between the chest and thighs, housing the stomach, intestines, and other organs.

Dolly: A child's figurine or toy resembling a human figure, commonly utilized for play or as a decorative ornament.

Jolly: Abounding in joy and happiness; exuberant and full of cheer.

5 Letter Words Ending With LLY - FAQs

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a web-based word game released in October 2021.

Who created Wordle?

A programmer Josh Wardle created Wordle.

What are the 5 Letter Words Ending With LLY?

  • Jolly
  • Belly

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