5 Letter Words Ending With S - List of Five Letter Words Ends With S

In recent times, there has been a notable surge in people's fascination with uncovering 5-letter words. This article is your gateway to exploring 5-letter words that conclude with the letter 'S,' complete with their meanings.

by Snekha S | Updated Nov 02, 2023 03:59 PM

5 Letter Words Ending With S - List of Five Letter Words Ends With S

5 Letter Words Ending With S

Are you prepared to embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of words? Recently, there's been a surge in interest surrounding 5-letter words, all thanks to the addictive game Wordle! This puzzling sensation not only entertains but also hones your mind by enriching your vocabulary. With the might of words, we can overcome any challenge!

While some individuals play with words casually, others wield them with mastery. If you're one of these word enthusiasts, you might often find yourself leafing through dictionaries in search of words beginning with a specific letter or ending with a particular one. Well, guess what? You're in luck! This article serves as your ultimate resource for uncovering those elusive 5 Letter Words Ending With S.

Feeling a bit at a loss for words? No need to worry! We've got your back with an impressive compilation of 5 Letter Words Ending With S. But that's not all each word is accompanied by its definition, offering you an opportunity to expand your lexicon and amaze your peers.

So, hang on tight and read through to the very end. Prepare to unlock a treasury of words and their meanings that will leave you truly impressed!


Explore the creative mind behind the addictive online word game, Wordle! Meet Josh Wardle, a talented programmer known for previous creations like the captivating social experiments Place and The Button for Reddit.

Wordle made its debut in October 2021, quickly captivating word game enthusiasts. This exciting game tasks players with guessing a five-letter word using just six attempts. The twist? Wordle provides feedback through colored tiles, offering valuable hints about the placement of each guessed letter. With each guess, you'll uncover which letters are in the correct position and which ones belong elsewhere in the word. It's a delightful blend of strategy and deduction that will keep you engaged!

List of 5 Letter Words Ending With S

Here is the table contains the 5 Letter Words Ending With S .


5 Letter Words Ending With S





















Meanings of 5 Letter Words Ending With S

  • Amiss: Signifying something that is not quite right, often denoting wrong or inappropriate.
  • Alifs: The plural form of "alif," which represents the first letter of the Arabic alphabet.
  • Alims: In the plural form, "alims" refers to individuals recognized as scholars or learned persons in Arabic.
  • Almas: A variation of the term "alms," commonly denoting money or goods given as charity to those in need.
  • Beefs: When used in the plural form, "beefs" typically indicates portions of meat obtained from cattle. In a colloquial context, it can also allude to complaints or grievances.
  • Beeps: These are brief, high-pitched sounds emitted by electronic devices or machines.
  • Beers: Alcoholic beverages produced through the fermentation of grains, commonly using barley.
  • Beets: These are edible root vegetables known for their dark red or purplish color.
  • Bells: Hollow devices designed to create a ringing sound when struck, serving various purposes, including signaling and decoration.
  • Belts: Strips of material worn around the waist, primarily used to support clothing or for decorative purposes.

5 Letter Words Ending With S - FAQs

What is the significance of 5-letter words ending with 'S'?

5-letter words ending with 'S' are commonly sought after, especially in word games like Wordle, where players attempt to guess hidden words. These words provide an interesting challenge for word enthusiasts.

Who created the popular word game Wordle mentioned in the article?

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a talented programmer known for previous creations like Place and The Button for Reddit. It quickly became a sensation in the world of word games.

Can you provide an example of a 5-letter word ending with 'S' from the article?

Certainly! "Amiss" is a 5-letter word ending with 'S,' and it means something that is not quite right or inappropriate.

Why are the meanings of the 5-letter words ending with 'S' included in the article?

The meanings are included to enrich the readers' vocabulary and provide a better understanding of the words, making it easier to use them in various contexts.

How does Wordle work, and what's the objective of the game?

Wordle is a word-guessing game where players have six attempts to guess a hidden 5-letter word. The game provides feedback through colored tiles to help players deduce the correct word. The objective is to guess the word within the limited attempts.

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