CS 2 Console Commands List, How to Enable Console in CS2?

Enhance Your CS2 FPS and Gameplay Performance with Optimized Commands Unlock the full potential of your CS2 gameplay with optimized commands designed to boost your FPS and sharpen your skills. Explore CS2 viewmodel and training commands to elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

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CS 2 Console Commands List, How to Enable Console in CS2?

CS 2 Console Commands List

  • fps_max 0: This console command allows you to remove all fps restrictions, enabling unlimited frames per second. You can also set a specific frame rate limit by replacing the '0' with your desired value, such as 60 or 144.

  • sensitivity [value]: This command lets you adjust your mouse sensitivity to your preference. Replace '[value]' with your desired sensitivity setting.

  • disconnect: Use this command to quickly disconnect from the server you are in. It's handy for leaving a match or server swiftly, whether you want to reconnect or queue for another match.

  • quit: This command immediately closes the entire game, without any confirmation prompts. It's a quick way to exit the game entirely.

  • cl_showfps: By entering this command, you can display an FPS (frames per second) counter at the top left corner of your screen, along with the name of the map you're currently playing on.

  • cq_netgraph: This command displays technical details like your frame rate, connection quality, and more. Note that in some games or versions, this command may be named 'net_graph' instead of 'cq_netgraph.'

  • clear: When you use this command, it will clear all text from the developer console, providing a clean slate for entering new commands or viewing the console output.

Crosshair Console Commands:

  • cl_crosshaircolor [value]: This command changes the color of your crosshair. You can choose values between 1 and 4 for predefined colors.

  • cl_crosshaircolor 5: Allows you to set a custom color for your crosshair. Use the following commands to set the desired RGB values: cl_crosshaircolor_r [value], cl_crosshaircolor_g [value], cl_crosshaircolor_b [value].

  • cl_crosshairstyle [1-4]: This console command changes the style of your crosshair. Different styles offer various visual options.

  • cl_crosshairthickness [value]: Adjusts the thickness of the crosshair lines to your preference.

  • cl_crosshairgap [value]: Changes the gap between different crosshair lines, allowing for precise customization.

Interface Console Commands:

  • hud_scaling [value]: Allows you to scale the game's HUD. You can make it smaller to minimize distractions by using a value between 0.5 and 0.95.

  • cl_drawhud 0: Removes the HUD in CS2. Useful for taking screenshots or creating a minimalist gameplay experience. Note that cheats need to be enabled (sv_cheats 1) for this to work.

  • cl_reload_hud: This command reloads the HUD scale and resets all scales and borders to their default settings.

  • voice_mute [name]: Mutes a specific Steam user in voice communication. Alternatively, use voice_mute all to mute all players, which can be helpful during clutch situations.

  • voice_unmute [name]: Unmutes a previously muted Steam user. You can also use voice_unmute all to unmute all players.

Practice Console Commands:

  • launch_warmup_map [map name]: Launches a specific map in warmup mode for practice purposes.

  • map [map name]: Loads a specified map for practice or exploration.

  • sv_cheats 1: Enables cheat mode, allowing you to use various console commands labeled as cheats. These commands are only available in custom games and private servers, so there's no risk of getting banned.

  • noclip: Allows you to fly and pass through walls and floors, making it useful for map exploration and learning.

  • kill: Instantly kills your character, helpful for quick respawns during practice sessions.

  • mp_c4timer [seconds]: Determines the time it takes for the C4 (the bomb) to explode after being armed.

  • bot_add_ct: Adds a Counter-Terrorist bot to the game.

  • bot_add_t: Adds a Terrorist bot to the game.

  • bot_stop 1: Makes all bots in the game stop moving, useful for target practice or controlled scenarios.

  • bot_place: Places a bot exactly where you're looking, allowing you to practice engagements and positions.

  • bot_crouch: Forces all bots to assume the crouching position, which can be useful for practicing crouch shots and boosts.

  • kick [player name]: Removes the specified player from the game.

These console commands provide extensive customization options for improving your gameplay experience, experimenting with crosshair settings, and enhancing your training sessions in Counter-Strike 2. Remember to use cheats responsibly and in accordance with the game's rules and settings.

How to Enable Console in CS2?

To enable the console in CS2, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game and enter the main menu.

  2. Navigate to the 'Game' tab within the in-game settings.

  3. Look for the setting called 'Enable Developer Console (~).'

  4. Change this setting to 'Yes' or 'Enabled.'

Once you've made this change, you can access the console at any time during gameplay by pressing the '~' or '`' key, typically located in the top left corner of your keyboard.

About Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter with objective-based gameplay. In this game, two rival teams, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, engage in various game modes to accomplish specific tasks. These tasks can include securing locations to plant or defuse bombs or protecting and rescuing hostages.

At the conclusion of each round, players earn in-game currency based on their individual performance. This currency can be used to purchase more potent weapons and equipment in subsequent rounds. Winning rounds provides a higher monetary reward compared to losing, and accomplishing objectives such as eliminating enemy players adds cash bonuses to a player's funds.

However, engaging in uncooperative actions, such as intentionally harming teammates, incurs penalties within the game.

Counter-Strike Overview

Initial Release Date



Microsoft Windows


Source 2


Tactical Shooter


Valve Corporation


Valve Corporation

Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay

CS2 introduces a game-changing shift in gameplay, particularly by revamping Smoke Grenades into dynamic, volumetric entities. These reimagined smokes seamlessly interact with the game world, reacting to lighting, gunfire, and explosives. This innovation adds strategic depth as bullets and grenades can disperse smoke temporarily, reshaping sightlines. The realism of CS2's smoke behavior is striking, flowing naturally through spaces, adapting to various environments, and responding to lighting changes, creating an immersive and visually stunning experience.

Counter-Strike 2 Plot

Counter-Strike stands as a multiplayer first-person shooter, featuring two rival factions: terrorists and counter-terrorists. These factions participate in a range of missions, encompassing tasks like defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, and securing critical locations. Gamers receive rewards commensurate with their in-game achievements, providing them the means to upgrade their weaponry in preparation for future rounds.

CS 2 Console Commands List-FAQs

What are some useful CS2 console commands for optimizing gameplay?

You can use commands like "fps_max" to adjust your frame rate or "cl_crosshaircolor" to customize your crosshair. There are also practice commands like "noclip" for map exploration.

How do I enable the console in CS2?

To enable the console, go to the in-game settings, navigate to the 'Game' tab, and find the option called 'Enable Developer Console.' Set it to 'Yes' or 'Enabled,' and you can access the console during gameplay with the '~' or '`' key.

What is the purpose of the "disconnect" console command in CS2?

The "disconnect" command allows you to quickly leave the server you are in. It's useful for swiftly exiting a match or server, whether you want to reconnect or join another game.

Can I customize my crosshair in CS2 using console commands?

Yes, you can adjust your crosshair using commands like "cl_crosshaircolor" to change its color, "cl_crosshairstyle" to alter its style, and "cl_crosshairthickness" and "cl_crosshairgap" to tweak its thickness and gap.

What is the benefit of using the "noclip" command in CS2?

The "noclip" command allows your in-game character to fly and pass through walls and floors, making it valuable for map exploration and learning the game environment. It's especially useful for practicing movement and positioning.

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