Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough, Overview, Gameplay, Wiki, Tailer and More

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Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough, Overview, Gameplay, Wiki, Tailer and More

Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough

Welcome to our super awesome walkthrough, which made things way easier for you! No more boring paragraphs to read through, created cool maps with letters to guide you through each section. Just click on the letters in order and you'll be taken to the corresponding part of the walkthrough. It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you'll find helpful information! So let's get started, adventurer!

  • Origin Story: Human Noble

  • Origin Story: Dwarf Commoner

  • Origin Story: Mage

  • Origin Story: Dalish Elf

  • Origin Story: Dwarf Noble

  • Journey to Ostagar

  • Trials of a Grey Warden

  • Return to Ostagar

  • Saved

  • Visiting Lothering

  • Defending Redcliffe

  • Storming Redcliffe Castle

  • Connor's In The Fade

  • Leaving Redcliffe

  • Failed Assassination Attempt

  • Meet the Dalish Elves

  • The Western Forest

  • The Eastern Forest

  • Raiding the Ruins

  • Deeper in the Ruins

  • Confronting the Werewolves

  • Exploring Denerim Market

  • The House of Ill Repute

  • The Cult at Haven

  • The Sacred Temple

  • Inching Closer to the Ashes

  • Running the Gauntlet

  • The Docks

  • The Occupied Tower

  • Forced to Sleep

  • Back in the Real World

  • Mountaineering

  • The Underground City

  • Choosing Sides

  • The Crime Syndicate

  • Delving Further

  • Seeking the Anvil

  • On Her Trail

  • Heightened Danger

  • Reaching A Conclusion

  • Nearing the End

  • Rescuing Royalty

  • The Alienage

  • The Landsmeet

  • Destroying the Archdemon

Dragon Age Origins Overview




Dragon Age Origins


Role-playing Game (RPG)

Release Date

[Insert Release Date]


[Insert Supported Platforms]




Electronic Arts


High Fantasy

Main Protagonist

[Insert Main Protagonist Name]


Single-player, Story-driven


[Insert Brief Plot Summary]

Key Features

- Rich Character Customization

- Branching Storylines

- Tactical Combat System

- Companion NPCs with Deep Backstories

- Extensive Lore and World-Building


- Critical Acclaim

- Fan Community and Modding Support

- Awards and Nominations

Notable DLCs

[Insert Notable DLCs, if applicable]


- Dragon Age II

- Dragon Age: Inquisition

- [Other Spin-offs, if applicable]


[Insert Availability Details]

Additional Information

[Add any other relevant details]

Dragon Age Origins Gameplay

Prepare for an epic adventure in Dragon Age: Origins, a third-person role-playing game. As a Grey Warden, your mission is to vanquish the Archdemon and thwart the Blight. Begin by crafting your unique Grey Warden character, customizing gender, appearance, race, and class. Will you be a mighty warrior, a stealthy rogue, or a powerful mage, each with distinct abilities?

Journey through a vast world, battling diverse foes and recruiting companions with their own skills. Control them manually or let the AI take charge for real-time strategy. But Dragon Age: Origins is not just about combat; your choices in dialogues and interactions shape the world and story, impacting outcomes and companion loyalty. With a rich lore, numerous quests, character progression, and endless possibilities, this RPG promises immersive gameplay and endless hours of adventure.

Dragon Age Origins Wiki

Released in 2009, Dragon Age: Origins is the inaugural title in the Dragon Age series, developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It unfolds in the kingdom of Ferelden amid internal strife and lets players assume the role of a warrior, mage, or rogue hailing from elven, human, or dwarven backgrounds.

As part of the Grey Wardens, players confront the menacing "Darkspawn" and their leader, the Archdemon, to thwart their invasion. The game offers a third-person perspective that can switch to a top-down view and introduces key companions integral to both the narrative and gameplay.

Dragon Age Origins Game Length

Dragon Age: Origins offers 40 to 80 hours of gameplay, featuring localized maps with unique quests marked by golden exclamation points. It's not an expansive open-world game but showcases captivating storytelling, immersive world-building, memorable characters, impressive music, and engaging combat, earning critical acclaim upon release.

With over 3.2 million copies sold and 1 million DLCs, it's both a commercial success and a classic in the gaming industry. BioWare supported the game with downloadable content and the Awakening expansion in March 2010. It also spawned two sequels, Dragon Age II in 2011 and Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014.

Dragon Age Origins Trailer

Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough? -FAQs

Are there any specific advantages to choosing a particular character class in Dragon Age: Origins?  

 Each character class (warrior, rogue, mage) in Dragon Age: Origins comes with its unique abilities and gameplay styles. Your choice depends on your preferred playstyle. Warriors excel in combat, rogues in stealth and agility, and mages in spellcasting and support.

What is the recommended platform to play Dragon Age: Origins on?  

Dragon Age: Origins is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The recommended platform depends on your personal preference and gaming setup.

How long does it take to complete Dragon Age: Origins?

The time it takes to complete Dragon Age: Origins can vary depending on your playstyle and the side quests you choose to undertake. On average, it may take anywhere from 40 to 80 hours to finish the game.

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