Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough, Wiki, Gameplay, Trailer, Guide, and More

A walkthrough for Fallout: New Vegas helps players navigate the game's quests, taking them from the initial ambush in Goodsprings to crucial decisions that shape the future of New Vegas.

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Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough, Wiki, Gameplay, Trailer, Guide, and More

Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough

Ain't That A Kick in the Head & Back in the Saddle

  • You start in Goodsprings and learn about your attackers.
  • These quests serve as tutorials and character creation.

They Went That-a-Way

  • Track your attackers through various towns.
  • Go to Primm, rescue the deputy, and find ED-E.
  • Visit Nipton, where Caesar's Legion has attacked.
  • Head to Novac, where Manny Vargas or Boone can help.
  • Investigate Boulder City to learn Benny went to New Vegas.


  • Report to Mr. House or go after Benny directly.
  • Catch up with Benny at the Tops Casino.
  • Decide how to handle Benny (speech, violence, negotiation, or seduction).

Who Will Rule New Vegas

  • Choose one of these paths:
  • Independent New Vegas (Wild Card quests with Yes Man).
  • New Vegas ruled by Mr. House (The House Always Wins quest line).
  • New Vegas under the New California Republic (Starts with Things That Go Boom).
  • New Vegas under Caesar's Legion (Starts with Render Unto Caesar).
  • Complete various objectives to secure your chosen faction's rule.
  • Each path has different quests and outcomes.

Fallout New Vegas Guide

It seems you're looking for a comprehensive guide to Fallout: New Vegas. While I can't provide the full content of guides due to their length, I can give you an overview of the information typically found in such guides:

Main Quests:

These are the central storyline quests that drive the game's narrative. They often involve critical decisions that can impact the outcome of the game. A guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete each main quest.

Side Quests:

In addition to the main story, Fallout: New Vegas is filled with numerous side quests that offer unique challenges, stories, and rewards. A guide will outline these quests, how to start them, and how to complete them.

DLC (Downloadable Content):

Fallout: New Vegas has several DLC expansions that add new areas, quests, and items to the game. A guide will cover each DLC, providing information on how to access them, what they entail, and how to navigate them.


The game allows you to recruit various companions to accompany you on your journey. Guides will introduce you to these companions, explain how to recruit them, and highlight their unique abilities and stories.


Fallout: New Vegas includes collectible items like Snow Globes and Unique Weapons. A guide will detail the locations of these items, helping you gather them for completion or advantages in the game.

Cheats and Secrets:

While cheating can take away from the challenge of the game, some players enjoy using cheats or uncovering secrets to enhance their experience. Guides may provide cheat codes and reveal hidden easter eggs or secrets within the game.
To access a detailed guide for Fallout: New Vegas, I recommend searching for specific guides or walkthroughs online, which can provide you with comprehensive information on each aspect of the game. Websites dedicated to gaming often host such guides, and you can also find video guides on platforms like YouTube.

Fallout New Vegas

"Fallout: New Vegas" is a cherished action role-playing game created by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. It unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world that encompasses regions of Arizona, California, and Nevada, providing players with an immersive experience in a universe where the Atomic Age technology led to a global nuclear catastrophe known as "The Great War."

The game's storyline is set in the year 2281 and follows the player's journey as the Courier, who embarks on a quest for vengeance and the retrieval of a mysterious package stolen during a brutal ambush. Within this narrative, players navigate the treacherous Mojave Wasteland, where various factions with their own motives and ideologies add complexity to the game's plot.

"Fallout: New Vegas" combines real-time and turn-based combat in its gameplay, featuring the iconic Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.) that allows players to strategically target specific body parts of their foes during battles.

Character customization plays a pivotal role, as players can develop their character's skills, perks, and attributes, which significantly influence their interactions and abilities. The dynamic world and choices made during the journey lead to multiple branching storylines, offering a high degree of replayability.

Despite initial criticism for bugs and glitches, the game achieved commercial success, shipping millions of copies and earning critical acclaim. It has since gained retrospective praise and developed a dedicated fan base. "Fallout: New Vegas" is hailed as one of the standout titles in the Fallout series and is often considered one of the greatest RPGs of all time, thanks to its compelling storytelling and memorable characters, solidifying its place in gaming history.

Fallout New Vegas Gameplay

"Fallout: New Vegas" builds upon the gameplay foundation of "Fallout 3" with significant improvements and additions that enhance the player experience. Notably, combat has seen substantial enhancements. The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.) now offers new attack options and introduces a variety of kill animations for melee weapons, making battles more engaging and visually appealing.

Firearms now include iron sights for better accuracy and aiming, with exceptions for larger guns and specific energy weapons. The third-person perspective has been redesigned, offering a more dynamic "over the shoulder" view compared to "Fallout 3." Character creation has been streamlined, allowing players to skip tutorials and venture into the Wasteland more quickly after customizing their character. Any last-minute character adjustments can be made once players leave the starting location of Goodsprings.

To provide players with more character customization options, additional Perks have been added to the game. Perks that solely boosted skill values have been removed, and players can now select one Perk every two levels to prevent early-game overpowering. The weapon arsenal has expanded to include various firearms like the 9mm Pistol, Single Shotgun, and Grenade Launcher, each designed for specific tactical roles.

The skills system has been overhauled, consolidating "Big Guns" and "Small Guns" into a single "Guns" skill while introducing the new Survival skill, which impacts health restoration from food and drink. Skills now have a more direct impact on conversation choices, with dialogue outcomes primarily determined by skill levels, reducing chance elements. Players can temporarily boost skills by reading skill magazines found throughout the Mojave Wasteland, with certain Perks further enhancing these effects.

In addition to combat and character mechanics, "Fallout: New Vegas" introduces a robust gambling system in the Wasteland's casinos. Players can purchase chips with various in-game currencies and try their luck at blackjack, slots, and roulette, with success rates influenced by their Luck stat.

The game also features a unique card game called Caravan, offering a distinct gaming experience with its own set of rules and interactions, available both inside and outside of casinos. These enhancements collectively contribute to making "Fallout: New Vegas" a compelling and immersive role-playing experience within the Fallout universe.

Fallout New Vegas Plot

In "Fallout: New Vegas," you play as a courier for the Mojave Express, given the task of delivering a valuable item known as the "Platinum Chip" to New Vegas. However, things take a dangerous turn when you're ambushed by the cunning casino owner, Benny. He shoots you in the head, steals the chip, and leaves you for dead. Miraculously, you survive, thanks to the help of a Securitron named Victor and the care of Doc Mitchell in Goodsprings.

The game's story unfolds as you embark on a quest to track down Benny, retrieve the Platinum Chip, and seek revenge. Along the way, you get caught up in the complex politics of the Mojave Wasteland, encountering factions like Caesar's Legion, the New California Republic (NCR), and the enigmatic Mr. House, all competing for control of the region, particularly Hoover Dam, a vital resource.

Your choices in the game shape the outcome, determining which faction prevails and the destiny of the Mojave Wasteland's diverse inhabitants. The narrative concludes with a narrated slideshow that outlines the consequences of your actions, offering a comprehensive overview of the world you've influenced based on your decisions and allegiances.

Fallout New Vegas Platforms

"Fallout: New Vegas" was released on three gaming platforms: PlayStation 3, Windows (PC), and Xbox 360, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of players. It debuted in North America on October 19, 2010, followed by its release in Australia on October 21, 2010, and subsequently in Europe on October 22, 2010.

This phased release allowed players from different regions to embark on their post-apocalyptic adventures in the Mojave Wasteland, exploring its vast landscapes, encountering factions, and shaping the destiny of New Vegas on their chosen gaming platform. The game's availability on multiple platforms contributed to its broad appeal and lasting popularity among fans of the Fallout series and role-playing games.

Fallout New Vegas Trailer


Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough? - FAQS

Are there any cheat codes or secrets in "Fallout: New Vegas"?  

 Yes, there are cheat codes and hidden secrets in the game. You can find various cheat codes online, but using cheats may impact your gameplay experience. The game also features numerous easter eggs and hidden references for you to discover.

How can I access the downloadable content (DLC) in "Fallout: New Vegas"?  

To access the DLC in the game, you can purchase and download it from your platform's online store. Once installed, you can initiate the DLC quests by following in-game prompts or visiting specific locations.

Where can I find guides or walkthroughs for "Fallout: New Vegas"?

Comprehensive guides and walkthroughs for "Fallout: New Vegas" can be found on gaming websites, forums, and video-sharing platforms like YouTube. These guides cover everything from quest details to character customization and collectibles.

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