Graveyard Keeper Walkthrough, Overview, Gameplay, Wiki and Guide

Discover Graveyard Keeper's secrets with our comprehensive walkthrough, covering NPC interactions, graveyard improvement, and story u

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Graveyard Keeper Walkthrough, Overview, Gameplay, Wiki and Guide

Graveyard Keeper Walkthrough

Table of Contents:

  • Day 1:
    • Tutorial completion
  • First Few Weeks:

    • Gather basic resources: wood, stone, iron ore
    • Repair the graveyard fence
    • Repair the grave marker
    • Bury your first body
    • Gather blue points by studying items and completing tasks
    • Unlock the astrologer and prepare astrological diagrams
    • Repair the bridge to the east
  • Next Few Weeks:

    • Unlock technologies: basic gravestones, garden bed, firewood, and more
    • Upgrade your graveyard's overall quality
    • Craft and install simple grave fences
    • Plant and tend to your garden for vegetables
    • Expand your workshop and gather better resources
    • Start producing simple headstones and upgrade graves
    • Begin the story questline by meeting Gerry
  • Starting Quests:

    • Interact with NPCs: Ms. Charm, Mrs. Chain, Clotho, and more
    • Learn to fish and gather frogs for quests
    • Complete Gerry's tasks, including gathering honey and building a water well
    • Participate in church activities and perform sermons
    • Progress the Bishop's quests by upgrading the church and graveyard
    • Earn achievements and complete simple tasks for rewards
  • Advanced Quests:

    • Acquire aristocrat papers for the Bishop
    • Pursue Mrs. Charm's quests, including crafting stories and restoring the mill
    • Enhance your technology tree to unlock advanced crafting options
    • Craft higher quality items for better rewards
    • Continue improving graveyard quality for better sermon performance
  • Going to End Game:

    • Gather necessary resources for end-game items: red wine, vegetable crates, and speed potions
    • Research technologies for alchemy, smelting, glassblowing, and woodworking
    • Construct advanced workbenches and facilities in your alchemy lab
    • Craft speed potions using acceleration powder, chaos solution, and blood
    • Focus on earning wealth while completing remaining quests
  • End Game:

    • Complete the final stages of the Bishop's questline
    • Achieve the Stone Fence achievement
    • Reach a high level of graveyard and church quality
    • Prepare for the purchase of aristocrat papers
    • Pursue any remaining achievements and challenges
    • Aim to maximize your wealth and resources

Graveyard Keeper Overview



Game Title

Graveyard Keeper


Simulation, Management


Lazy Bear Games

Release Date

August 15, 2018


PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch


Manage a medieval graveyard

Interact with NPCs and complete quests

Farming, crafting, and trading elements

Explore the game's dark and humorous world

Metacritic Score

Varies by platform

Notable Features

Complex resource management

Moral choices affecting gameplay

Dark humor and quirky characters

Extensive crafting and farming mechanics

Graveyard Keeper Guide

Absolutely, here's a concise version of the tips for starting Graveyard Keeper:

Starting Tips for Graveyard Keeper:

  • Develop the Technology Tree:

    • Collect green and red points by completing daily activities.
    • Spend points to unlock technologies that enhance your abilities and tools.
  • Collect Resources:

    • Gather wood, stone, and other materials regularly.
    • Keep resources in storage chests for efficient management.
  • Take Care of the Graveyard:

    • Prioritize improving your graveyard's quality early on.
    • This will earn you faith points and unlock church-related opportunities.
  • Don't Procrastinate:

    • Complete quests shortly after receiving them to avoid complications.
    • Waiting until the last day can lead to unexpected obstacles.
  • Listen to NPCs:

    • Read dialogues to gather valuable information.
    • Dialogues often provide hints for quests and objectives.
  • Start with Carrots:

    • Buy carrot seeds from the farmer for your farm.
    • Carrots are needed to sustain the donkey's work.
  • Manage Corpse Condition:

    • Retrieve corpses promptly to prevent decomposition.
    • Corpse quality affects graveyard quality.
  • Develop Your Character:

    • Craft new items and tools as you acquire blueprints.
    • Progression boosts character growth and quest advancement.
  • Engage with NPCs:

    • Speak with characters to discover quests and information.
    • Activate quests and explore possibilities for valuable rewards.
  • Repair Infrastructure:

    • Fix broken structures like bridges and passages.
    • Repairs grant access to new areas and locations.
  • Sleep Early:

    • Go to bed around sunset to maximize daylight hours.
    • NPCs remain accessible, and time is utilized efficiently.

Graveyard Keeper Wiki

Graveyard Keeper, a captivating indie management simulation by Russian studio Lazy Bear Games, lets players manage a quirky graveyard. Released on Windows in May 2018 and later on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, it blends dark humor, engaging mechanics, and a mysterious story. Players farm, craft, and interact with NPCs while enhancing their graveyard.

This unconventional game combines simulation and role-playing elements, offering a refreshing and entertaining experience. Its cross-platform availability and unique gameplay have earned it a dedicated fan base, appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Graveyard Keeper Gameplay

Graveyard Keeper is a captivating simulation game inspired by titles like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. Your main goal is to restore a neglected graveyard, clearing obstacles and managing graves to generate income. Alongside this, you'll interact with NPCs who offer quests, and you'll craft items to progress.

Your ultimate objective is to find a way back to your original world. Progress is aided by the Technology Tree, a skill tree that unlocks new areas and gameplay elements as you gather Red, Blue, and Green experience points.

The game offers diverse activities, including farming, combat, dungeon exploration, fishing, and crafting. This blend of simulation, resource management, and RPG elements provides an engaging and immersive gameplay experience in a world full of possibilities.

Graveyard Keeper Walkthrough? - FAQS

What is the Technology Tree, and how does it work?  

The Technology Tree in Graveyard Keeper is a skill tree that you can access by accumulating Red, Blue, and Green experience points. It allows you to unlock new technologies and gameplay elements, enhancing your character's abilities and crafting options.

What is the primary objective of Graveyard Keeper?  

In Graveyard Keeper, your main objective is to manage and improve a neglected graveyard. You'll work on tasks like clearing debris, repairing grave markers, and enhancing the overall quality of the graveyard.

What are some of the side activities in Graveyard Keeper, aside from managing the graveyard?

In addition to graveyard management, you can engage in activities like farming, combat, fishing, dungeon exploration, and crafting. These activities provide variety and opportunities for character growth.

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