How to Change the Difficulty in Sea of Stars? Difficulty in Sea of Stars Explained

Learn how to adjust the difficulty settings in Sea of Stars with our guide, allowing you to tailor your gaming challenge to your preference.

by Snekha S | Updated Nov 07, 2023 10:08 AM

How to Change the Difficulty in Sea of Stars? Difficulty in Sea of Stars Explained

How to Change the Difficulty in Sea of Stars?

As you progress through the game, you will come across both Blue and Red Relics. Collect these relics as you explore the world.

Select Relics: To adjust the difficulty, equip the desired Relics based on your preference. Equipping more Blue Relics will make the game easier, while equipping Red Relics will make it more challenging.

Customize Your Experience: You have the flexibility to mix and match these Relics to create a difficulty level that suits your playstyle. This allows you to have a unique and personalized gaming experience in Sea of Stars.

By strategically choosing and equipping Relics, you can fine-tune the game's difficulty to match your skill level and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and tailored adventure in the world of Sea of Stars.

In the enchanting world of Sea of Stars, modern gaming conveniences coexist with classic RPG charm. Interestingly, this game doesn't present you with the traditional difficulty level selection when embarking on your adventure. This choice isn't something that emerges later in your journey either. However, fear not, for every player has the power to craft their very own tailored difficulty level within Sea of Stars, and it all centers around a precious resource: Relics.

Relics are a diverse array of items that hold the key to shaping your gameplay experience in Sea of Stars. They come in two distinct flavors: Blue and Red. As you might have guessed, the Blue Relics tilt the game towards accessibility, making your journey more approachable and forgiving. Conversely, the Red Relics are your ticket to embracing a more challenging and intense adventure.

Intriguingly, these Relics serve as the bridge between the classic RPG experience and the modern gaming era, giving players the agency to fine-tune their difficulty levels to match their preferences and skill levels. So, in the world of Sea of Stars, it's not just about embarking on a

Sea of Stars Gameplay

Sea of Stars is a nostalgic homage to classic RPGs, offering a retro-styled experience where players assume the roles of two valiant heroes, Valere and Zale. These two protagonists harness the potent forces of the sun and moon in their quest to confront a formidable alchemist.

The gameplay in Sea of Stars seamlessly weaves together puzzle-solving challenges and turn-based combat mechanics. Players have the ability to command a party of up to six unique characters, each contributing their distinct abilities to the strategic depth of battles.

Drawing inspiration from beloved titles like Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, Sea of Stars successfully captures the essence of these classic role-playing games. It also introduces engaging sailing mechanics, side quests, and a combat system that revolves around identifying and exploiting the "elemental weaknesses" of adversaries.

Notably, Sea of Stars shares its narrative universe with The Messenger, although it is set in a distant past, thousands of years before the events of the latter game. This connection enriches the lore and context of both titles, providing players with a deeper immersion into their shared world.

Sea of Stars Plot

"Sea of Stars" is a nostalgic, retro-styled RPG where players take on the roles of Valere and Zale, wielding the celestial forces of the sun and moon to battle the creations of an malevolent alchemist.

Sea of Stars Overview


Sabotage Studio


Sabotage Studio


Thierry Boulanger


Eric W. Brown, Yasunori Mitsuda




Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date

August 29, 2023





Sea of Stars Trailer

How to change the difficulty in Sea of Stars- FAQs

How can I adjust the difficulty level in Sea of Stars?

You can modify the difficulty in Sea of Stars by collecting and equipping specific Relics, with Blue Relics making the game easier and Red Relics making it more challenging.

What are Relics in Sea of Stars, and how do they impact gameplay?

Relics are items that allow you to shape your gameplay experience. Blue Relics make the game more accessible, while Red Relics increase the challenge.

Is the difficulty level selection traditional in Sea of Stars, or is it different from other games?

Sea of Stars doesn't offer a traditional difficulty level selection. Instead, players use Relics to customize their own difficulty, providing a unique approach to adjusting the game's challenge.

What makes Sea of Stars stand out in the RPG genre?

Sea of Stars stands out with its blend of modern gaming elements and classic RPG charm, offering a personalized difficulty system and a rich narrative universe shared with The Messenger.

How does the gameplay in Sea of Stars combine classic RPG elements with modern features?

Sea of Stars features turn-based combat and puzzle-solving challenges inspired by classic RPGs while introducing elements like sailing mechanics, side quests, and an elemental weakness-based combat system, providing a balanced mix of nostalgia and innovation.

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