Is Smackdown Leaving Fox? Why Did Smackdown Move to Fox? Why is Smackdown Leaving Fox?

Is Smackdown Leaving Fox? Delve into the motivations behind WWE SmackDown's transition from Fox to the USA Network and gain insights into the driving forces guiding WWE's strategic shift in its media rights approach.

by Dheshni Rani K | Updated Sep 22, 2023 03:13 PM

Is Smackdown Leaving Fox? Why Did Smackdown Move to Fox? Why is Smackdown Leaving Fox?

Is Smackdown Leaving Fox?

Indeed, "WWE SmackDown" is poised to depart from Fox in the coming year. The show has had its broadcast home on Fox since October 2019, as part of a five-year agreement between Fox and WWE. As this arrangement nears its conclusion, "SmackDown" is scheduled to return to the USA Network in October 2024.

WWE SmackDown

"WWE SmackDown" stands as a renowned and enduring professional wrestling television program created by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As an integral component of WWE's weekly lineup, it commands a substantial and global fan base. "SmackDown" presents an amalgamation of meticulously scripted narratives, character-driven rivalries, and high-impact in-ring confrontations, solidifying its status as a cornerstone in the realm of sports entertainment.

Throughout its history, "SmackDown" has found its broadcast home on various networks, including the USA Network and Fox. It has provided a prominent stage for WWE's foremost superstars to exhibit their prowess and engage in memorable bouts and feuds. The imminent return of the show to the USA Network in October 2024, as part of a fresh media rights agreement, marks yet another chapter in its illustrious legacy.

Why is Smackdown Leaving Fox?

The choice for "WWE SmackDown" to part ways with Fox and return to the USA Network is a component of WWE's strategic adjustment in its media rights agreements. Although the precise intricacies of this shift have not been publicly revealed, it is presumably linked to the terms and conditions established in the new agreement crafted between WWE, TKO Group Holdings, and NBCUniversal.

WWE, recognized for its dynamic and adaptable entertainment approach, consistently evaluates its affiliations and distribution platforms to optimize its outreach and adapt to the evolving dynamics of the market. Hence, the decision to relocate "SmackDown" back to the USA Network can be regarded as an integral element of WWE's continuous strategy aimed at exploring fresh opportunities and channels for its programming. In this context, WWE's media rights decisions assume a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of sports entertainment broadcasting.

Why Did Smackdown Move to Fox?

The relocation of "WWE SmackDown" to Fox in October 2019 marked a pivotal juncture in WWE's broadcasting history. This strategic shift primarily stemmed from WWE's vision to extend its influence and captivate a more expansive, mainstream viewership. By securing a partnership with Fox, a prominent player in the United States' television landscape, WWE aspired to elevate its brand and engage with a broader cross-section of the population.

Fox's extensive reach and distinguished standing within the television industry offered WWE a substantial platform for showcasing its electrifying sports entertainment content. This move was not solely about broadening WWE's viewership; it also aimed to cement its position within the realm of mainstream entertainment.

WWE SmackDown to Air NBC Primetime Shows

In a notable development, "WWE SmackDown" is poised to diversify its programming portfolio by including NBC primetime shows. This strategic move signifies an expansion of WWE's footprint within the primetime television landscape. Under the terms of a fresh media rights agreement, WWE has committed to producing four primetime specials annually, which will be showcased on NBC, a prominent broadcast network in the United States.

This transition holds significant implications for WWE, as it ventures into the domain of primetime programming on a major network like NBC. While the precise format and content of these primetime specials, including whether they will incorporate live wrestling or adopt an alternative approach, are still in the process of being determined, this initiative underscores WWE's dedication to engaging a wider audience and investigating novel avenues for its compelling sports entertainment content.

Is Smackdown Moving to USA Network?

Indeed, "WWE SmackDown" is set to make a comeback to the USA Network. The show had previously been part of the USA Network's roster from 2016 to 2019 before its transition to Fox. Commencing in October 2024, it will be reintegrated into the USA Network's programming lineup.

Is Smackdown Leaving Fox - FAQs

When is SmackDown leaving Fox and returning to USA Network?

"SmackDown" is set to leave Fox and return to the USA Network in October 2024.

Will there be any special WWE events on NBC as part of the new deal?

Yes, WWE will produce four primetime specials per year that will air on NBC as part of the new agreement.

What is WWE SmackDown?

"WWE SmackDown" is a popular and long-running professional wrestling television program produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Why did SmackDown move to Fox in the first place?

"SmackDown" moved to Fox in 2019 to expand WWE's audience and reach by airing on a major network.

Why is WWE making these changes in its media rights package?

WWE is adjusting its media rights package to explore new opportunities and partnerships while delivering its content to a broad audience.

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