BevQ App or Bev Q App Download Free - BEVCO Kerala Released Bevq app for Online Liquor Booking, Details about Bevq App Here

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2020 15:34 PM IST | Hari Aditya

BevQ App Download: The "BevQ App" for the virtual queue system (E-TOKEN) for online liquor was launched by the Kerala state government. People can now purchase liquor online using the Bevco app. Know how to search the Bev Q app or BEVCO app Update has undergone a trial run and can now access the Bevco Online App from Google Play Store. For more information on the BEVCO app please visit Know how to download BEVCO's free app, Bevq 'scor special features, and Liquor Shop Price List using the Bevq App in this article.

BevQ App or Bev Q App Download Free - BEVCO Kerala Released Bevq app for Online Liquor Booking,  Details about Bevq App Here
BevQ App or Bev Q App Download Free - BEVCO Kerala Released Bevq app for Online Liquor Booking, Details about Bevq App Here

When to book the next slot after the last slot book by you in BEVCO App?

After 4 days of the last slot booked by him, a person can book his next slot. Slot booking can be made between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. via BEVCO App. According to the guidelines laid down by the Government of Kerala, liquor sales in the State will only be made through the virtual queue (e-token). E-token can be used via mobile app Bev Q. Customers in the state must register and have to book their slots in the program. The customers can collect their orders from the store at the given time, as per the allotted time. No liquor will be sold without the virtual system issuing an e-token.

Kerala BevQ App for liquor e-token launched

Kerala State Beverages (Manufacturing & Marketing) Corporation Ltd (BEVCO) has launched an online application to buy liquor, as Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced a new set of relaxations and fresh guidelines for the State. The bars were also directed to sell the liquor from counters only as a takeaway. Many clubs in the state were allowed to sell food and liquor as a membership package. The BevQ App is now available on the Google Play Store for free.

BEVCO App 2020 - Overview

BEVCO App 2020   
Name of Government Government of Kerala
Department Kerala State Beverages Corporation
Application Name BevQ
Mode of Registration BEVCO Application, SMS
Liquor Sale Timing 9 AM-5 PM
Booking Timing 6 AM to 10 PM
Article Category App Apk Download
Beverage Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Foreign and All other English
Availability Maximum 3 litres Alcohol and Once in 4 days
Official website

What is BevQ App?

The Kerala government took an in-principle decision during the nationwide Lockdown 4.0 to open the liquor shops in the State. The state cabinet has now granted permission for the State to open liquor outlets. The State has updated a new set of rules to require parcels to be sold to bars. This also guided the online selling of liquor via BEVCO ap which is being launched and is currently being used.

The application online program to purchase liquor from BEVCO and bars in Kerala was called "Bev Q." The Bevq application was developed and tested by a firm based in Kochi. The app was launched with the aim of preventing overcrowding and ensuring that liquor is distributed seamlessly in the state in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis.

What is Bev Q App for?

The Bev Q app was developed to provide a virtual token to purchase the liquor during the extended lockdown. The virtual token will specify a time frame in which liquor can be procured from the nearest GPS ( Global Positioning System) outlet identified. Aadhaar number is compulsory for taking virtual tokens via the BEVCO app. The price of liquor will be the same at all outlets.

The authorities successfully conducted the BEVCO software evaluation trial and officially launched the BEVCO software. The app appears on Google Playstore Store. BEVCO has received clearance from Google for uploading the app into the play and app store. The Bevq app was launched upon obtaining clearance and was made available for free download at the Google Play store. The users can download and use the Bevq App, as per the guidelines provided by the State.

How to download Bevq App to Order Liquor Online?

BEVCO App is used for generating e-tokens for liquor sales in the state of Kerala. The concept is quite similar to the e-token system provided by the Delhi government. The software was introduced during the lockout period to control over-crowding outside of the liquor stores. So, the BevQ app can assist customers by using their GPS position to guide them to nearby outlets. People can follow the steps given below to download BEVCO app and book e-token

Step 1: To download the BEVCO app, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for Bevq. You can use the link to download the BEVCO app: BEVCO app download link
Step 2: Install the app and fill the required details like Name, Mobile Number, and Pin Code. Accept Term and Conditions and Click on Submit Button. 
Step 3: Upon successful submission, you will receive OTP. Enter the OTP. If you face any OTP Problem occurs, then try for another number.
Step 4:After this, select your option from Liquor, Beer & Wine. Select and click on "Book your Time Slot".
Step 5: It will lead to a confirmation window with QR Code, Date, Time Duration, District, Address, and Other Details.
Step 6: Check the details and visit your nearest Wine Shop in the given Timing as mention in eToken.
Step 7: The bar licensee verifies the e-token by checking the QR code token with another app to sell the liquor to the client.

Check Liquor Shop Price List!

People who love liquor looked forward to the lockdown so they could enjoy their favorite wine, whiskey, beer, rum, vodka, and other alcoholic beverages. All Kerala liquor lovers can download the Kerala Beverages BEVQ App on their phones. The online liquor shops were opened by the Kerela State Government. The individuals should get the e-token and register themselves. People can buy their favorite liquor from shops close by. Get the full details of the token for the liquor queue via SMS and quickly collect your order.

Alcohol Brand Name

180 ml 375 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1000 ml
Som’s Woodpecker Refreshing Larger Beer - - 100 - -
Som’s Woodpecker wheat beer - - 100 - -
Woodpecker Premium strong beer - - 110 - -
Luxury Kingfisher Strong Beer - - 90 - -
Kingfisher Strong Premier Malt Beer - - 110 - -
Kingfisher Storm Super Premium Strong Beer - - 110 - -
Kingfisher Deluxe Strong Beer - - 90 - -
Sunny Beaches Super Strong Beer - - 1009 - -
Sunny Brandy 200 360 410 770 820
Black Forest Brandy 150 310 360 670 720
Casino Royal Housie Deluxe VSOP Brandy 210 420 530 840 1040
Sikkim Deluxe Musk Brandy 190 370 440 730 880
Axley XO Brandy 270 540 630 1070 1130
Sikkim 24 Carat Brandy 90 110 230 330 270
Southern Spice VSOP Premium Brandy 280 560 680 1100 1360
Flamingo Fine French VSOP Brandy 280 570 670 1130 1400
Som Black Fort XXX Rum 150 310 360 670 720
Blue Chip XXX Rum 200 360 410 770 820
Super Mast XXX Matured Rum 100 200 260 390 460
Sikkim XXX Prize Rum 190 370 440 730 880
Mad General Dark Rum 230 460 550 910 960
Black Horse XXX Premium Rum 100 110 230 270 330
The Warehouse Matured Superior Cane Rum 250 460 580 920 1160
Old Cruize Matured Superior Cane Rum XXX 250 500 630 970 1250
Blue Chip Orange Vodka 200 410 460 820 920
Blue Chip Vodka 200 360 410 770 820
Flip Apple Finest Vodka 160 320 370 630 730
Flip Vodka Original 160 320 370 630 730
Flip Vodka Coffee 160 320 370 630 730
Knight Owl Vodka 250 500 630 1000 1130
Flip Vodka Orange 140 290 350 550 660
Ice on Rocks Vodka Apple     250 500 630 970 1250
Black & White Blended White Scotch - - - 2480 -
Black Dog Centenary Black, Reserve Age & Rare Blended Scotch 660 1320 - 2610 -
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, Blended Scotch 990 1980 - 3920 -
Jhoras Fine Whiskey 150 250 310 470 570
Senate Royale Whiskey 240 480 640 960 180
TI Mansion House Premium Wiskey 290 580 770 1150 1340
Pentagon Wiskey 220 440 510 870 1020
Rich & Royalle Premium Wiskey 210 440 510 850 1020
Frizzano Semi-Dry Sparkling Wine - - - 940 -
Rio Rosso Sparkling Red Wine - 260 - - -
Rio Rosso Sparkling Pink Wine - 260 - - -
Rio Rosso Sparkling White Wine - 260 - - -
Rio Fizzy Wine - 180 - - -
VD Amla Pineapple Wine 90 170 - - -
VD Amla Strawberry Wine 100 190 - 370 -
VD Amla Grape wine 100 190 - 370  

How to Order Liquor e-token through SMS?

People can also take advantage of e-token via SMS. The person will send SMS to the number that Beverages Corporation provides for this. To get the e-token, individuals must send the SMS in the format below. The e-token process is set to begin soon. Now under way beta testing.

  • To get Liquor, send an SMS in the format: SPACE> NAME>. Example: BL 695104 JOHNANTONY
  • Beer/Wine users send an SMS in the following format: SPACE> NAME>. For Example: BW 695104 TONY
  • The individual should send the SMS in the provided formate to the number 8943389433
  • If Slot is available then you will receive the Confirmation Message from VM-BEVCOQ. Example- Slot Booking Confirmed at 5032-PERUVA, Kottayam, Time: 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM, Date, Shop Detail and Queue Number
  • If No token slot is available then you will get a reply that “The token is no longer available. 

What are the features of the BEVCO App?

Liquor shops have been granted permission to open in India despite the lockdown. BEVCO App for Liquor e-Token system has been launched to avoid overcrowding and to limit the gathering of the Kerala government. Candidates will get their liquor token online and go to the stores on the allotted time slot. The BEVCO App is expected to list more than 300 stores, 500 bars, and 225 beer and wine parlors. The following features of the BEVCO app include:

  • BEVCO App has been designed in a way to handle heavy traffic
  • Overcrowding on Liquor shops will be manageable due to this app.
  • The app will track your nearest wine shop or bars through the Pin Code.
  • You will get a virtual queue token (e-token) via e-token.

What are the guidelines for BEVCO outlets?

The Kerala State government has announced a set of new guidelines to be followed by BEVCO and liquor shops during the fourth phase of the Lockdown. As per the new guidelines:

  • The liquor outlets will be open from 9 am to 5 pm. Earlier, the BEVCO outlets used to function till 9 pm.
  • Using the virtual token avail in the BevQ app, one can buy 3 litres of liquor in 10 days. 
  • The state has decided to allow bars, and beer and wine parlours also to sell liquor as takeaways. The move comes to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing. If liquor was to be sold only through the 301 government-run outlets, then there would be a huge rush and social distancing norms will not be followed.
  • Managing Director (MD) of BEVCO will oversee the functioning of the outlets. The MD will also prepare the guidelines and the instructions for the consumers. 
  • The over-the-counter liquor sale will be allowed only for the period until when consumers are barred from having alcohol at the bars. 

How much does Kerala earn form liquor sales?

The sale of alcohol is one of the huge opportunities for individual states to generate revenues. Alcohol sales attract excise duty, which is a major source of revenue for state governments.
The Kerala State government had earned Rs.12,400 crore in 2018-19 fiscal through liquor sale. The retail outlets used to sell liquor worth Rs.40 crore every day.

BevQ liquor app for Kerala - FAQ

1. What is the online liquor app for Kerala State?

The government of Kerala State has announced it will release the BEVCO app, "BevQ App" soon for the online liquor virtual queue system. If the app is successfully launched, people can buy liquor online after its official launch using the BEVCO app. The Bevq application is developed and tested by a company based in Kochi.

2. Has the Kerala State government released BEVCO app?

Yes, the BEVCO app or BevQ app has undergone a trial test and the Google Play Store is finally available for download. Earlier, the state 's Corporate and Excise officials were not happy with the app's results. Because Aadhar is required to get e-token via the app, BEVCO has suggested that the software developers ensure the protection of the holders' personal information. The app has released after a successful trial run on the Google play store.

3. Did google approve BevQ app?

Approved by Google for Bev Q. The app will be used by the state-run Beverages Company (BEVCO) to distribute liquid despite the lockdown in the State. The BEVCO app will have an e-token that defines a time period in which the outlet will procure liquor. This brings relief to the soon-to-be-launched Bevq app. The app can be expected to be listed soon on Google Playstore.

4. What is the timing for liquor shops in Kerala amid Lockdown 4.0?

During the fourth process of Lockdown Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced a new set of relaxations and fresh state guidelines. The liquor outlets will be open from 9 am to 5 pm, in accordance with the new guidelines. The BEVCO outlets used to run until 9 pm earlier. The state has decided to allow bars and parlours for beer and wine to sell liquor as takeaways as well.

5. Is Aadhar number mandatory to get e-token to buy liquor via the Bev Q app in Kerala?

Yeah, Aadhar Number is mandatory in Kerala to get the virtual token to purchase liquor through the Bev Q app. The app will be allocating virtual tokens to buy liquor. In the time slot given by the app, people can buy the liquor from the chosen store.