Lele Pons Ethnicity, What is Lele Pons's Ethnicity? Who is Lele Pons? Lele Pons Age, Height and More

Lele Pons' Ethnic Background: If you're curious about Lele Pons' ethnicity, you've come to the right spot. Explore Lele Pons' heritage and her full biography below. Lele Pons, a Venezuelan YouTuber and actress, was born on June 25, 1996.

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Lele Pons Ethnicity, What is Lele Pons's Ethnicity? Who is Lele Pons? Lele Pons Age, Height and More

Lele Pons Ethnicity

Ethnicity identifies a group based on cultural distinctiveness. Lele Pons is a famous Venezuelan YouTuber and actress born on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela, and is of Hispanic ethnicity, as per our latest research.

Real Name

Eleonara Pons Maronese

Date of birth

25 June 1996


27 years old


5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)


64 kilograms (141 pounds)

Birth Place

Caracas, Venezuela




Venezuelan YouTuber and actress





Who is Lele Pons?

Lele Pons, a Venezuelan YouTuber and actress, has left an enduring mark in the entertainment world with her vibrant personality, comedic talent, and social media skills. Born on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela, she embarked on a journey that would make her one of her generation's most influential digital creators.

Lele Pons rose to fame with her inventive and humorous content on platforms like Vine, captivating a vast audience with her quick wit and creativity. Her ability to craft relatable, comedic sketches brought her widespread recognition and popularity. She seamlessly transitioned to YouTube, where she continued to gather millions of dedicated subscribers.

Beyond her online work, Lele Pons delved into acting, taking on roles in various TV series and music videos. Her versatility and acting abilities further solidified her status as a multi-talented entertainer.


Lele Pons Age

At 27 years old, Lele Pons celebrates her birthday on June 25. Born in 1996 in Caracas, Venezuela, her age represents a crucial phase in her career and personal development. As she continues to evolve as an artist and influencer, her youth and vitality remain valuable assets.

Lele Pons's age symbolizes a period of growth, exploration, and creative expansion. Her journey has been marked by numerous achievements, from her ascent to social media stardom to her accomplishments in acting and entertainment. Embracing her mid-20s, she is ready to venture into new horizons and leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Lele Pons's Height

Lele Pons stands at a height of 168 cm, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 6 inches. Her height not only adds to her overall presence but also reflects her physical stature. This modest height is often considered an advantage in the world of entertainment, as it allows her to seamlessly blend into various roles and settings, making her a versatile performer in both acting and digital content creation. Lele Pons's stature complements her personality, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences and adapt to diverse creative challenges, making her a well-rounded talent in the industry.

Lele Pons's Weight

Lele Pons maintains a healthy weight of 64 kilograms, which is approximately 141 pounds. Her dedication to maintaining a balanced and well-managed weight speaks to her commitment to overall well-being and fitness. This weight, in conjunction with her height, contributes to her overall physical health and appearance, enhancing her presence in the world of entertainment.

Lele Pons Nationality

Lele Pons, the celebrated Venezuelan YouTuber and actress, proudly identifies with her Venezuelan roots. Venezuela, a culturally diverse and vibrant South American country, is renowned for its music, dance, and arts scene. Lele Pons's upbringing in this environment significantly influenced her creative talents.

Her Venezuelan nationality is a source of pride, shaping her identity as a global influencer and entertainer. Throughout her career, she has embraced her heritage, infusing her content with elements of Venezuelan culture to share the beauty and richness of her homeland with her worldwide audience.

Lele Pons Career

Lele Pons is a multifaceted talent hailing from Venezuela, excelling as a YouTuber, actress, and singer. Renowned for her comedic sketches and music videos, her YouTube channel boasts a staggering 160 million subscribers, solidifying her status as one of the world's most prominent content creators.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1996, Pons embarked on her journey to the United States at the age of 10. Her foray into the world of YouTube commenced in 2013, quickly propelling her channel to fame. Her content is characterized by its humor and relatability, addressing topics ranging from relationships and social media to self-acceptance.

Beyond her YouTube stardom, Lele Pons has ventured into television and film. Her credits include roles in Nickelodeon's "How to Rock" and "Scream Queens," along with a starring role in the 2017 film "Liv and Maddie: Cali Style."

Music is yet another dimension of her artistic prowess. Pons has released numerous music videos, with her hit song "Celebrate" amassing over 1 billion views on YouTube. Collaborations with artists like Becky G and Fifth Harmony have further cemented her musical presence.

Lele Pons stands out not only for her talent but also for her positive messaging and relatability. She serves as a role model for countless young individuals and is poised to continue her remarkable success in the years ahead.

Key Highlights of Lele Pons's Career:

  • Over 160 million YouTube subscribers

  • Acclaimed for her comedy sketches and music videos

  • Featured in Nickelodeon series "How to Rock" and "Scream Queens"

  • Released several music videos, including the 1-billion-view hit "Celebrate" with Becky G

  • Inspirational figure for many young audiences


Lele Pons Ethnicity? - FAQs

What is Lele Pons known for in her career?  

Lele Pons is renowned as a Venezuelan YouTuber, actress, and singer. She is celebrated for her comedic sketches, music videos, and her YouTube channel with over 160 million subscribers.

How old is Lele Pons?

Lele Pons was born on June 25, 1996, which makes her 27 years old.

Where was Lele Pons born and what is her nationality?

Lele Pons was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and she proudly holds Venezuelan nationality. She embraces her Venezuelan heritage and often incorporates elements of her culture into her content.

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