Lies of P St Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Walkthrough, Gameplay, Wiki and Trailer

Delve into the labyrinthine passages of the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel within "Lies of P" using this comprehensive guide. Reveal concealed riches, vanquish adversaries, and access convenient shortcuts as you navigate Krat's enigmatic gaming universe.

by Snekha S | Updated Sep 22, 2023 05:18 PM

Lies of P St Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Walkthrough, Gameplay, Wiki and Trailer

Lies of P St Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Wiki

The St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel serves as a pivotal location within the Lies of P game. It stands as the initial area you'll encounter upon reaching the St. Frangelico Cathedral, following your journey through the Path of Misery. Within the game, you'll discover sanctuaries known as Stargazers, ideal for recuperation, and one such haven awaits you at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.

In your traversal of Krat's expansive gaming realm, diverse sites, interactions with non-player characters (NPCs), confrontations with foes and formidable bosses, acquisition of crucial items, and the revelation of concealed enigmas will all be part of your adventure. Furthermore, you'll encounter significant landmarks and destinations to aid your progress throughout the game.

Lies of P St Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Walkthrough

  • Commence your journey at the Stargazer found within the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel in Lies of P. Venture through the door situated in the left corner of the room. As you proceed, a piano will come into view on your right. Acquire the Stained Choir Sheet Music, a valuable source of lore. Now, head inside the vast opening in the hall, taking a right turn.
  • Continue your path unabated until you encounter a descending ladder on the right side. Before descending, pivot left to obtain the Vivid Ergo. Descend the ladder and persist until you reach a pool of Deacy liquid. You have the option to sprint across to evade the Decay Status Effect or employ a Resistance Ampoule. Snag the Cat Dust positioned beside one of the pillars as you traverse.
  • As you navigate this terrain, foes will emerge from the Decay. However, you can choose to bypass them and advance to the opposite side. Ascend the ladder to proceed.
  • Two adversaries will advance toward you—one from close range and another flinging Decay balls from a distance. Address the more distant foe first, then confront the remaining two.
  • Alter your course to the left to discern barrels and crates, which conceal a gap in the floor. Leap downward to unearth a Radiant Ergo Fragment. Once again, leap to another platform, this time discovering the Hidden Moonstone of Cathedral Chapel.
  • Climb the ladder once more, turning left upon reaching the top. An adversary will fling a Decay ball; dispatch it or deflect its assault. Maintain vigilance for the substantial rotating gears.
  • Upon dealing with the adversaries, traverse the narrow wooden planks on the left to locate the Star Fragment. Thereafter, continue your forward trajectory until you reach a descending ladder.
  • Proceed straight and execute a leftward turn. Dodge the electric projectiles while advancing through this section. Positioned on the right side, you'll find a ladder ascending upward. Ascend it.
  • You will confront another electric projectile; await its passage and then sprint onward. To the left, a Trinity Room presents itself, accessible if you possess a Trinity Key.
  • Utilize the ladder to descend and traverse through the left side of the enormous gear. Confront two adversaries within the chamber.
  • Continue onward, encountering a message on the wall regarding the death of the Archbishop. Two adversaries inhabit this chamber, with one concealed behind a wooden door that they will eventually breach.
  • Following their defeat, pivot left to locate a Dim Ergo Fragment. Thereafter, persist until you arrive at a platform obstructed by gears. Wait for an opportune moment, sprint, and leap, shattering the Decay floor beneath.
  • Once you've successfully crossed both gaps, pivot right and identify a handle at the far terminus of the hallway. Employ it to set the gear in reverse motion, thereby unlocking a shortcut.
  • Look downward, and you'll discern a petite platform primed for leaping. Traverse this path to unveil a clandestine corridor, harboring a chest containing a Legion Plug.
  • Harness the petite elevator on the right-hand side to return upstairs. Upon disembarking from the platform, turn left and progress in a straight trajectory to spot a ladder positioned on the left. Ascend it to seize a Crescent Moonstone.
  • Take a leap downward and unlatch the iron gate, gaining access to the ensuing chamber. In the room's center, Cat Dust beckons. Approach it with caution, as it will provoke a formidable adversary upon nearing. This adversary is vulnerable to fire, so wield a fire canister or grindstone for vanquishment.
  • Advance through the door on the right-hand side. In the corridor situated to your right, a gap exists amid the walls. Enter this gap, executing a leftward turn to unveil another chest containing a Krat Supply Box.
  • Engage the elevator to descend further, ultimately reaching the next Stargazer. You have now entered the Library of St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P.

Lies of P

"Lies of P" is a captivating video game developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, offering players the chance to step into the shoes of a character and embark on thrilling adventures. This immersive gaming experience is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game's initial release date was on September 19, 2023, with a more elaborate Deluxe Edition launching on September 15, 2023. What sets "Lies of P" apart is its inspiration from the timeless Italian classic, "The Adventures of Pinocchio," infusing an extra layer of intrigue into the gameplay.

Players who have delved into the world of "Lies of P" have sung its praises, making it a must-try for enthusiasts of action and role-playing games. It offers an exhilarating blend of adventure and exploration, promising a diverse range of exciting encounters. If you're a fan of immersive gaming experiences, "Lies of P" might be the perfect choice for you.

Lies of P Gameplay

In "Lies of P," you assume the role of Pinocchio, experiencing the game through his perspective, akin to watching a cinematic narrative. Your journey unfolds in the city of Krat, where you'll encounter peculiar mechanical adversaries. To confront these foes, Pinocchio wields an array of weaponry, including swords and axes, and possesses the agility to evade harm. His distinctive mechanical arm can be customized using tools like a hook or flamethrower, enhancing combat capabilities.

The game boasts a diverse array of weapons and crafting methods, granting you a plethora of choices. Your decisions throughout the gameplay can influence the storyline and lead to various outcomes. Some liken "Lies of P" to challenging titles like Dark Souls and Sekiro, offering a mix of difficulty and excitement that can be immensely rewarding for fans of such games.

Lies of P Plot

"Lies of P" is an exhilarating adventure game that draws inspiration from the timeless tale of Pinocchio. In this captivating narrative, you assume the role of Pinocchio, a unique robotic puppet blessed with the extraordinary ability to fabricate falsehoods a skill that proves to be of utmost significance. The unfolding saga transpires within the bustling city of Krat, where puppets have been crafted to assist with labor, utilizing a distinctive power source known as Ergo.

However, an unforeseen calamity befalls Krat, igniting a puppet uprising that plunges the city into chaos. The situation is further compounded by a mysterious ailment that metamorphoses individuals into grotesque monstrosities, for which no remedy has been discovered.

Stepping into the wooden shoes of Pinocchio, you awaken in Krat and encounter Sophia, a woman who unveils a crucial mission: you must seek out your creator, Geppetto, who potentially holds the key to quelling the puppet rebellion. Sophia equips you with a lantern housing a cricket named Gemini, who will aid you in your odyssey.

Throughout your perilous journey, you'll confront formidable challenges such as skirmishing with puppet insurgents and contending with the enigmatic Black Rabbit Brotherhood, relentless hunters of puppets. Alongside these trials, you'll encounter individuals afflicted by the enigmatic disease, their bodies mutated by its sinister effects.

Your ultimate objective is to confront the Puppet King, the mastermind behind the puppet uprising, and restore order to the city. However, as you progress, you'll unearth deeper enigmas and make choices that mold the game's multiple endings, rendering your adventure in "Lies of P" an enthralling and immersive experience of profound consequence.

Lies of P Trailer

Lies of P St Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Walkthrough - FAQs

What's the weakness of the strong enemy guarding the Cat Dust in the chapel?

The strong enemy is weak against fire, so use a fire canister or grindstone to defeat it.

Where can I find the hidden Moonstone in the chapel?

You'll find the Hidden Moonstone of the Cathedral Chapel on a platform after jumping down.

What's the purpose of reversing the gear in the chapel's hallway?

Reversing the gear unlocks a shortcut in the chapel, making it easier to navigate.

How can I unlock the Trinity Room in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel?

You'll need a Trinity Key to unlock the Trinity Room.

How do I deal with the Decay liquid in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel?

You can sprint across it or use a Resistance Ampoule to avoid the Decay Status Effect.

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