Life is Strange Walkthrough Guide, Overview, Gameplay Trailer and More

The walkthrough leads players through key moments, choices, and revelations in each Life Is Strange episode, enabling them to influence the story's ending and immerse themselves in the emotional and suspenseful narrative.

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Life is Strange Walkthrough Guide, Overview, Gameplay Trailer and More

Life is Strange Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1

In Episode 1: "Chrysalis" of Life Is Strange, players begin with Max standing in a stormy forest, but soon find themselves in a classroom setting. The walkthrough covers the key actions and decisions in this episode:

Classroom Scene:

  • Look around at various objects on your desk.
  • Take a selfie with your camera.
  • Engage in dialogue with your teacher.
  • After class, explore the classroom and interact with objects.
  • Interact with your teacher again, answering his question.

Girls' Washroom:

  • Activate the tap in the washroom.
  • Take a picture of a butterfly.
  • Observe the unfolding events involving a girl and a shooting.

Using Time Rewind:

  • Experience Max's power for the first time.
  • Use time rewind to fix a broken camera and change a dialogue choice.

Stopping the Shooting:

  • Attempt to prevent the shooting in the washroom.
  • Quickly move a maintenance cart, grab a hammer, and set off the fire alarm.

Dealing with Consequences:

  • Save the girl and face the security guard.
  • Interact with the principal and make choices that impact the story.

Exploring Campus:

  • Talk to various students and teachers.
  • Choose whether to sign a petition about school security.
  • Discover Optional Photos opportunities.

Dormitory Interactions:

  • Talk to people in the dormitory, including Kate.
  • Interact with items and take an Optional Photo.
  • Solve a conflict with Victoria using a creative approach.

Outside the Dorms:

  • Choose to help or not when Kate is harassed by a guard.

Meeting Warren:

  • Talk to Warren in the parking lot.
  • Interact with students and objects on campus.

Visiting Chloe's House:

  • Explore Chloe's room and interact with items.
  • Find a CD in her room to continue the story.

Investigating the House:

  • Examine the garage for clues.
  • Discover hidden information and learn about Chloe's father.

Hide and Seek:

  • Hide in Chloe's closet when her father arrives.
  • Make choices during an intense scene with her father.

Driving with Chloe:

  • Decide whether to accept Chloe's offer or not.
  • Embark on a drive with Chloe and have meaningful conversations.
  • Make choices during a flashback sequence.

Ending Scene:

  • Reveal some of the visions and events Max experiences.
  • Conclude the episode with a glimpse into the future.
  • The walkthrough provides a comprehensive summary of Episode 1, highlighting important decisions, interactions, and Optional Photos that players can discover during their playthrough.

Chapter 2

In Episode 2: "Out of Time" of Life Is Strange, the gameplay continues with Max's abilities to manipulate time and make choices that affect the story. The chapter's key events are summarized as follows:

Girls' Dormitories:

  • Begin with Max waking up in her room.
  • Water the plant to prevent it from dying.
  • Get dressed and gather your shower supplies.
  • Interact with Alyssa to save her from being hit by toilet paper.
  • Head to the showers, talk to Kate, and interact with objects.
  • Offer comfort and advice to Kate during your conversation.
  • Explore the dormitory hallway and engage with characters.
  • Exit through the door at the end of the hall.

Dormitories - Morning:

  • Outside the dorms, take a picture of a squirrel for an Optional Photo.
  • Talk to the janitor and Taylor, learn about their backgrounds.
  • Consider choices about going on a date with Warren to the movies.
  • Board the bus and head to the Diner.


  • Take a photo of the whale sign above the Diner's door.
  • Explore the Diner's exterior and talk to various characters.
  • Interact with graffiti and take a photo for an Optional Photo.
  • Enter the Diner, engage in conversations, and observe events.
  • Sit down, interact with Joyce, and prove your time-travel powers.
  • Successfully predict events as a demonstration of your powers.
  • Choose to answer or ignore a phone call during the scene.


  • Search for bottles in the junkyard.
  • Interact with objects and take photos for Optional Photos.
  • Assist Chloe in shooting the bottles using time manipulation.
  • Make a choice during an encounter with Frank.

High School:

  • Return to school, interact with characters, and make choices.
  • Talk to Courtney about the Vortex Club and dress code.
  • Attend photo class, assist Warren with an experiment, and take an Optional Photo.
  • Engage in conversations with various characters.
  • Attend the science class and observe interactions.

Kate Marsh:

  • Gather with other students around the dorms.
  • Approach Kate on the roof and engage in a critical conversation.
  • Choose dialogue options that demonstrate care and support for Kate.
  • Make choices that can affect the outcome of the conversation.
  • Attempt to save Kate from a dire situation.
  • The walkthrough outlines the significant events, conversations, and choices in Episode 2, providing a concise summary of the chapter's progression and character interactions.

Chapter 3

In Episode 3: "Chaos Theory" of Life Is Strange, Max continues to grapple with her time-manipulation abilities and faces the consequences of her actions. Here's a summary of the key events in this episode:

Girls' Dormitories:

  • Max wakes up from a nightmare and explores her room.
  • Interact with various objects in her room.
  • Exit the room and interact with Taylor in the showers.
  • Enter Victoria's room to gather more information about her.
  • Interact with objects in Dana's room.
  • Leave the dorms and head towards the main campus.


  • Take a photo of the squirrel near the bench for an Optional Photo.
  • Talk to the principal, navigating around him using time manipulation.
  • Proceed to Chloe's location.

High School - Evening:

  • Engage in conversations with Chloe and observe Victoria talking to Mr. Jefferson.
  • Help Chloe break into the school office.
  • Collect ingredients for a makeshift explosive to open the office door.
  • Enter the office and retrieve student files.
  • Make decisions regarding the money found in the office.
  • Leave the school and head to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool:

  • Interact with Chloe and participate in a swimming session.
  • Turn on the pool lights and have a conversation with Chloe.
  • Hide from the security guard and evade capture.
  • Return to Chloe's house.

Chloe's House:

  • Interact with objects in Chloe's room.
  • Change clothes and make a decision regarding Chloe's request.
  • Explore Chloe's room and take Optional Photos.
  • Help Joyce in the kitchen and interact with the answering machine.
  • Search the garage for evidence and find David's computer password.
  • Access the computer and uncover David's actions.
  • Experience a confrontation with Joyce and David.


  • Speak with various characters outside the diner.
  • Take Optional Photos of a truck and dead bird.
  • Interact with the homeless woman and alter her future.
  • Enter the diner, interact with Frank, and gather information.
  • Learn about Nathan and the Prescott family.

Frank's RV:

  • Interact with Frank, Nathan, and the police officer.
  • Decide to obtain Frank's keys by using different tactics.
  • Enter Frank's RV and search for clues about Rachel.
  • Find a notebook with information about Rachel's contacts.
  • Make choices related to the dog's safety.


  • Experience a time-travel flashback to Max's childhood.
  • Explore her house and interact with objects.
  • Alter the future by preventing Chloe's dad from leaving.
  • The walkthrough provides an overview of the significant events, interactions, and choices that shape Episode 3: "Chaos Theory" of Life Is Strange.

Chapter 4

In Episode 4: "Dark Room" of Life Is Strange, the story takes a darker turn as Max continues to investigate the mysteries surrounding Arcadia Bay. Here's a summary of the key events in this episode:

Alternate Reality:

  • The episode begins with Max in an alternate reality, where Chloe's life took a different path.
  • Interact with Chloe and explore her house.
  • Engage in conversations and make dialogue choices that reveal differences in this reality.
  • Experience emotional moments and decide on Chloe's fate.
  • Witness Max letting Chloe's father die to restore the original timeline.

Back to Reality:

  • Return to the present timeline, back in Chloe's room.
  • Take Optional Photo 1 of Chloe in her room.
  • Proceed to Chloe's garage and examine clues related to Frank, Nathan, and Chloe's father.

Blackwell Campus:

  • Visit Kate in the hospital (if she's alive) or attend the school scene (if Kate is not okay).
  • Interact with characters, including Samuel and Warren.
  • Take Optional Photos 2 and 3 of a pile of stones and a bird.

Chloe's Room Investigation:

  • Explore Chloe's room and interact with the environment.
  • Help Warren by leaving a positive message on the whiteboard.
  • Take Optional Photo 4 of a window with toilet paper.

Investigating Nathan's Room:

  • Investigate Nathan's room for clues.
  • Find Frank's notebook, Nathan's phone, and more evidence.
  • Determine Nathan's phone PIN and gather relevant information.

Connecting the Clues:

  • Analyze the evidence from Frank, Nathan, and Chloe's father.
  • Piece together the connections between various pieces of information.
  • Identify the barn owned by the Prescotts using GPS coordinates.

Investigating the Barn:

  • Approach the barn and take Optional Photo 5 of a bird.
  • Enter the barn and explore its interior.
  • Uncover a hidden trap door on the barn floor.
  • Ascend to the barn's upper level, take Optional Photo 6 of an owl.
  • Use time manipulation to solve puzzles and access the hidden chamber.

Revelations and Decisions:

  • Discover unsettling information and photos in the hidden chamber.
  • Analyze the information about Rachel's connections and whereabouts.
  • Choose to leave the barn and confront Chloe about the findings.

Heading to the Party:

  • Transition back to Max's perspective as she heads to the Vortex Club party.
  • Engage in conversations with various party attendees.
  • Take Optional Photo 7 of the moons through a window.

Party Intrigue:

  • Navigate the party and engage with characters.
  • Find ways to gain access behind the VIP curtain.
  • Depending on your previous choices, interact with Victoria and others.
  • Reunite with Chloe at the party.

Dark Secrets Unveiled:

  • Witness Mr. Jefferson's interactions and speeches.
  • Confront Nathan's absence and interact with Chloe.
  • Experience a series of dramatic cutscenes that reveal dark truths.

The Junkyard Confrontation:

  • Walk through the junkyard at night with Chloe.
  • Confront dangerous situations and decisions.
  • Experience another impactful cutscene that concludes Episode 4.
  • "Dark Room" is a pivotal episode that uncovers unsettling truths, intensifies the suspense, and drives the narrative toward its climax in Life Is Strange.

Chapter 5

In Episode 5: "Polarized" of Life Is Strange, the story reaches its climactic conclusion as Max faces the final challenges and makes critical decisions to determine the fate of Arcadia Bay. Here's a summary of the key events in this episode:

Dark Room Escape:

  • Max awakens in the Dark Room, captured by Jefferson.
  • Free yourself from the restraints by detaching your right leg.
  • Use the cart to access a photo that triggers a time travel sequence.
  • Experience a flashback of Jefferson's actions.

Altered Reality:

  • Return to the present, with the contents on the cart changed.
  • Explore and interact with the photo to time travel again.
  • Use your knowledge to engage in a conversation with Jefferson.
  • Focus on Max's journal to trigger another time travel sequence.

Exposing Jefferson:

  • Revisit the beginning of the story in the classroom.
  • Send incriminating information about Jefferson to David's phone.
  • Attend to the conversation with Jefferson, confronting him aggressively.
  • Transition to a plane heading to San Francisco for the Everyday Heroes contest.

Art Exhibit and Chaos:

  • Experience the art exhibit scene in San Francisco.
  • Take Optional Photo 1 of a red-headed girl's camera.
  • Interact with characters and the environment at the art exhibit.
  • Encounter the photo of the butterfly on the gallery floor.

Back to Dark Room and Confrontation:

  • Use the butterfly photo to time travel back to the Dark Room.
  • Re-experience key moments and make choices to alter events.
  • Face a confrontation with David against Jefferson.

Saving Arcadia Bay:

  • Rewind time to guide David through the fight with Jefferson.
  • Make crucial decisions to save David and alter the outcome.
  • Participate in a series of events that help rescue characters and avoid disaster.
  • Save Evan from getting hit, help the trucker, and rescue Alyssa.

Preventing the Tornado:

  • Prevent the diner explosion using time manipulation.
  • Save the diner from the explosion by using sand to extinguish the flames.
  • Take Optional Photo 4 of a dead whale on the beach.
  • Enter the diner and engage in conversations with characters.

Time Twists and Reversals:

  • Experience time loops and shifts while navigating through the girls' dormitory.
  • Change identities, become different characters, and manipulate time.
  • Engage in conversations with Kate and Victoria during these sequences.
  • Make a final decision about what to tell Warren before rewinding time.

Final Confrontation and Decision:

  • Revisit key locations and moments in a surreal sequence.
  • Face Jefferson and navigate a series of dialogues and interactions.
  • Decide how to deal with Jefferson and make a critical choice.
  • Experience various altered realities and distorted scenes.

Climactic Showdown:

  • Navigate a complex puzzle and solve challenges using time manipulation.
  • Discover codes and hidden truths to progress through the game.
  • Interact with mirrors and manipulate numbers to advance.

The End and Final Decision:

  • Experience a culmination of cutscenes and surreal moments.
  • Encounter alternate versions of Max and engage in a final dialogue.
  • Confront the ultimate decision that determines the outcome.
  • Make the final choice that shapes the destiny of Arcadia Bay.
  • With a mix of intense action, emotional conversations, and surreal time manipulation, Episode 5: "Polarized" brings the narrative of Life Is Strange to a conclusion, allowing players to influence the fate of the characters and the town of Arcadia Bay.

Life is Strange

"Life Is Strange" is a narrative adventure game series from Square Enix's External Studios. Created by Dontnod Entertainment, it began with the first game in 2015. The series includes a prequel, "Life Is Strange: Before the Storm," released in 2017, and a DLC bonus episode in 2018.

The sequel, "Life Is Strange 2," by Dontnod, launched between 2018 and 2019, introducing a new story with Sean and Daniel Diaz facing moral dilemmas due to Daniel's telekinetic powers.

The series also features the free spin-off "The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit" in 2018, offering a unique perspective through a boy named Chris.

In 2021, "Life Is Strange: True Colors" was released, focusing on Alex Chen and her psychic empathy abilities, allowing players to explore characters' emotions and support them in their struggles.

Life is Strange Gameplay

The Life Is Strange series offers players unique, consequential gameplay mechanics. These graphic adventure games are played from a third-person perspective, allowing exploration and interaction with objects and characters. Each installment introduces distinct gameplay and storytelling elements.

In the original game, players control Max, who can rewind time for puzzle-solving, environment changes, and navigating branching dialogue options, leading to significant consequences.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe, with a "backtalk" mechanic for persuasive conversations with various outcomes.

Life Is Strange 2 follows Sean guiding his telekinetic brother Daniel, with players making ethical choices affecting the story and their relationship.

Life Is Strange: True Colors stars Alex, who can read emotions as colorful auras, providing emotional depth and comfort to characters.

Regarding the series' future, Dontnod Entertainment is interested in new characters, but Square Enix holds the franchise rights. Development shifted to Deck Nine with Life Is Strange: True Colors, marking a change in development teams.

Life is Strange Trailer

Life is Strange? -FAQS

Who are the developers of the Life Is Strange series, and how has development changed over time?

The original games were developed by Dontnod Entertainment. However, with the release of Life Is Strange: True Colors, development shifted to Deck Nine, marking a change in development teams.

Who are the main characters in the Life Is Strange series, and what are their special abilities?

The series features different protagonists in each installment. For example, Max possesses the ability to rewind time, Chloe's central gameplay mechanic is "backtalk" in Before the Storm, Sean and Daniel Diaz grapple with telekinetic powers in Life Is Strange 2, and Alex has psychic empathy powers in Life Is Strange: True Colors.

How does player choice affect the narrative in the Life Is Strange series?

Player choices in the series have significant consequences that can impact the story's progression, character relationships, and even the game's ending. These choices often lead to branching storylines, making each playthrough a unique experience.

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