Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay, Wiki, Trailer and More

The Persona 5 Strikers walkthrough is now available! Prepare to reunite with the beloved Phantom Thieves of Hearts for an exciting, action-packed adventure featuring "Persona 5 Strikers" gameplay.

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Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay, Wiki, Trailer and More

Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough

July 24 - The Beginning

The game opens with a teaser of a future event, featuring Joker facing a large swarm of shadows. These initial enemies are easily defeated using basic combos, setting the tone for the combat mechanics. Although only basic attacks are available at this point, the Showtime gauge can be filled to unleash a powerful attack.

The story starts in Yongen Jaya, and the game's timeline unfolds over a month, leading to rapid progress. The pacing is notably faster than the original Persona 5. After a brief introduction to the area and interactions with characters, players will plan for the upcoming summer activities.

A visit to Leblanc and interactions with Sojiro and friends mark the initial part of the adventure, and players will also need to provide a name for Joker. Saving the game before resting for the night is recommended. This section of the game introduces players to the game mechanics, setting the stage for the upcoming journey in Persona 5 Strikers.

July 25 - Escape the Underground Waterway

On this day, the agenda involves shopping for camping supplies with Ryuji. While in Shibuya's Station Square, an unexpected celebrity encounter leads to a journey back into the Metaverse. Upon entering the jail, a confrontation with the monarch results in the group being sent to the Underground Waterway, serving as an introduction to the game's platforming and combat mechanics.

Navigating through the Underground Waterway, players encounter tutorials on platforming and combat. The goal is to reach the Shibuya Station West Exit by following the destination marker. Along the way, players can uncover treasures such as a Breath Sash accessory, an HP Incense, and engage in battles with various enemies. A powered-up Bicorn presents a formidable challenge near the exit, and strategic use of skills and combos is crucial to success.

The game introduces concepts like the down gauge, which exposes the enemy to vulnerability as combos are strung together. Utilizing these mechanics effectively enhances damage output and counters the enemy's ability to retaliate. The section serves as a tutorial for combat strategy and highlights the blend of action and RPG elements in Persona 5 Strikers.

July 26 - Gather Rumors on Alice Hiiragi

The day begins with discussions about the team's plans, leading to the task of gathering information about Alice Hiiragi's potential victims in Shibuya. Before proceeding, players can interact with Futaba outside the Teikyu building to receive a reward. Yusuke is also present in the area, but his interaction doesn't yield any items. Moving toward Central Street, players have the option to purchase drinks from vending machines.

Engaging in the investigation, players visit various locations to gather information. Starting at the Bronx Apparel Shop, interacting with characters and eavesdropping on conversations contributes to the investigation progress.

Interactions include listening to the Passionate Young Man, talking to the Dedicated Woman outside Big Bang Burger, and engaging with the Level-Headed Girl by the alley leading to the Airsoft Shop. Meeting Ryuji outside the Airsoft Shop and observing an argument concludes the investigation, further progressing the story.

This section emphasizes the role of gathering information and interacting with NPCs in the game, showcasing the detective-like gameplay elements in Persona 5 Strikers.

July 27 - Infiltrate the Shibuya Jail

The Phantom Thieves' operations continue as they reconnect with confidants for supplies in the Metaverse. Starting with Ryuji, players receive items like the Manta. Takemi's clinic is closed for the summer, so players head to Iwai's airsoft shop in Shibuya. Yusuke and Lavenza are also encountered, providing items and information.

Sophia introduces her shop, offering items and gear for players to explore the upcoming jail. After preparing, players explore the Shibuya Jail. The new concept of "Checkpoints" is introduced as replacements for safe rooms.

These serve as respawn points and allow players to save the game. Players navigate the jail's different areas, utilizing abilities like the Third Eye and grappling balloons. Special chests containing random skill cards and SP items can be collected, and named Shadows are introduced as challenging enemies.

The walkthrough emphasizes gameplay mechanics, including ambush tactics, platforming challenges, hacking battles, and battling enemies. Tips are provided for taking down different Shadow enemies, and players are guided through navigating the jail's various sections, solving puzzles, and progressing the story. The inclusion of treasure chests, collectibles, and the significance of activating Checkpoints are highlighted.

July 28 - Storm the Castle and Defeat the Lock Keeper

Upon returning to the jail, players experience a challenging scene where Joker acts as a decoy to distract enemies. The gameplay becomes more intense, and players need to stay vigilant to survive. A cutscene eventually transitions to a full party, and players proceed to defeat Shadows while heading toward their objective, encountering a mini-boss called the Twilight Prostitute along the way.

Upon entering the castle, players encounter a puzzle involving statues and switches. The correct order of pressing these switches is revealed by following footprints on the ground, allowing players to proceed. In the next room, players engage in battles and work against a timer in an elevator section. Another encounter with the Heavenly Punisher mini-boss occurs on the next floor. Players navigate through the castle and eventually face the Lock Keeper, a jail monarch's guardian.

The Lock Keeper must be defeated before sending a calling card. This enemy is weak to fire, wind, bless, and curse attacks, providing an opportunity for players to exploit its vulnerabilities. Players can strategize with party members' skills and buffs to maximize their damage output.

The guide also suggests spending time grinding for funds within the jail before sending the calling card, emphasizing the importance of upgrading equipment and accumulating resources for upcoming challenges. Finally, players are encouraged to engage with named Shadows in various areas to farm cash and gain levels, further enhancing their capabilities.

July 29 - Defeat Mad Rabbit Alice

After sending the calling card, players return to the jail and head to room 705, using a new chain as a shortcut. Players are advised to spend Bond Points to upgrade stats like Strength and Magic, as well as unlock the upgrade for Phantom Dash.

Shadow Alice, the boss of this section, is weak to both wind and fire. Players are recommended to have Ann, Morgana, and Ryuji in the party for this encounter. The guide suggests using Joker to apply Rakunda on Alice and having Ryuji cast Tarukaja on himself to start the battle.

During the battle, players can use Phantom Dash to interact with objects in the field, such as Crackers and a pole. Using Crackers from a distance is suggested for dealing damage safely. Players should be cautious of counters from Alice and evade them. As Alice's health drops to half, her stance changes, making her stronger and more aggressive.

Players are advised to have Ryuji cast Tarukaja on all party members and exploit Alice's weaknesses with fire and wind skills to break her shields quickly. The goal is to finish her off with an All-Out Attack before her increased aggression becomes a significant threat.

July 31 - Go to the Next City

At this point, players embark on a month-long road trip to the next city. It's emphasized that once a city is left, players won't be able to return, so it's recommended to complete all available tasks before proceeding. The guide suggests picking up some drinks from a vending machine near the bathhouse, as they restore a small amount of SP, which could be useful later on.

Players are advised to speak to Ann, who will give them a Travel Game Set accessory, and then approach Ryuji to spend time with him. While the responses during these interactions don't seem to impact the game significantly, spending time with friends contributes to bonding, which in turn unlocks skills via the Bond tab in the main menu.

When ready, players should speak to Sojiro, who provides cooking ingredients. Once preparations are complete, players bid Sojiro goodbye and set off to the next city, Sendai.


The Sendai section of the game comes with a comprehensive 100% walkthrough, offering detailed guidance for both the real world and the jail. This walkthrough covers each day's activities, ensuring that players don't miss any crucial content. It also provides information about collectible items and covers 2 recipes and 7 requests available in Sendai. Whether players are navigating the real world or exploring the jail, this guide aims to help them make the most of their experience in the city of Sendai.

August 1 - Gather Rumors on Ango Natsume

On August 1st, you have the opportunity to explore Sendai and gather rumors about Ango Natsume. Start at Sendai Station and check out the surrounding areas for key interactions and collectibles:

  • Restaurant: Turn around at Sendai Station and visit the small restaurant. Purchase the Gyutan Stew recipe for 1,620 yen and buy some Gyutan as well.
  • Arcade: Head to the Arcade and buy Chilled Pineapple from the Pineapple Shop. These items restore 10 SP each, which can be useful.
  • General Store: Visit the General Store and acquire the Chazukemaru Charm and Masamune Patch, unique and valuable accessories not found elsewhere. Speak with Yusuke at the store if you wish.
  • Big Bang Burger: Find Haru and Futaba outside a Big Bang Burger outlet. Haru will give you a Gyutan Burger for free.
  • Supermarket: Visit the nearby supermarket and purchase ingredients that will be useful later in the game. Stock up on items for convenience.

After these activities, focus on the main objective of gathering rumors about Ango Natsume:

  1. Listen to the Entranced Woman outside the bookstore at Sendai Station to add 27% to your investigation progress.
  2. Speak to the Skeptical Woman near the pineapple shop for an additional 2% progress.
  3. Interact with the General Store Manager to increase your tally to 66%.
  4. Listen to the two girls near the vending machine by the supermarket to complete your investigation.

By following these steps, you'll gather the necessary information about Ango Natsume and progress through the story.

August 2 - Infiltrate the Sendai Jail

On August 2nd, you'll enter the Sendai Jail to progress. Before that, complete tasks like getting Onions from Futaba and a 1:20 Candlecutter accessory from Ryuji. Purchase the Salmon Bowl recipe for 900 yen and draw fortunes at the Fortunes stall.

In the Sendai Jail, use Bond points for abilities. Get Luck Incense from a chest, defeat a powered-up Slime for an Enduring Belt, and open chests for items. Battle Doma, a Fearsome Four member, activate checkpoints, and defeat enemies to proceed.

Move to Rain Temple, obtain Solemn Sun Orb, and defeat shadows. Battle Doma again and proceed to West Garden. There, encounter a treasure demon, obtain Infernal Red Orb, and face Ante. Access Aoba Street 1st Ward and navigate through, obtaining orbs and defeating enemies.

On Hirose Street, navigate through enemies and platforms. Defeat a powered-up Slime, find a skill card, and face Betero, the Fearsome Four leader. In the evening, meet Futaba to learn about Requests. Complete her Request in Shibuya Jail by defeating Shadows. Report the completion and receive a Motto Hoodie reward.

August 3 - Storm the Castle and Defeat the Lock Keeper

On August 3rd, you can engage in various requests introduced by Futaba. Be aware that teammate requests are missable once you leave for the next city. Restock items from shops and explore Mt. Aoba Park, then proceed to the Overlord's Castle.

Facing Doramu the Loyal, a Pisaca shadow, use bless attacks to exploit its weakness. Enter the prison and the castle proper. In the castle, crawl through vents to find treasure chests. Progress while fighting shadows and obtain items such as SP Incense, Power Anklet, and Reckless Vest.

In the Corridor of Diligence, get the Power Anklet from a treasure chest. In the Corridor of Impatience, carefully reach the Reckless Vest chest on invisible platforms. Defeat Eligor, the War Hungry Horseman, by exploiting its lightning vulnerability.

In the real world, prepare before heading to the next destination. The Lock Keeper in the jail remains weak to various elements. Exploit its weaknesses, use buffs, and focus on offensive tactics to defeat it.

August 4 - Defeat Nightmare Dragon Ango

On August 4th, you'll face the Nightmare Dragon Ango, a boss weak to both ice and bless. This battle is relatively easy due to its vulnerabilities and the advantage of having three characters to fight.

Use Phantom Dash on objects in the area to your advantage, such as sword monuments that break the dragon's defense and ice crystals that freeze it. Start by casting Rakunda and Tarukaja, then unleash bless skills followed by throwing a sword from a monument to nullify Ango's self-buffs.

You can keep Ango at bay by continuously exploiting his weaknesses, especially freezing him with ice crystals. As his health decreases, his armor will break, leaving him vulnerable to maximum damage. This phase will make defeating him relatively simple.

August 7 - Go to the Next City

On August 7th, before heading to Sapporo, there are a few activities to engage in. First, meet up with Futaba at the temple entrance to participate in a fun photo stand-in activity, which will earn you bond points. Visit the Fortune Box for a final attempt and explore different shops in the city to gather items and ingredients.

Additionally, Yusuke will be at the entrance of the Arcade, where you can talk to him to receive a Tanabata Decoration. These souvenirs will be displayed in the RV and you'll have similar opportunities to collect them in every city you visit. Just be patient if you don't see Yusuke initially; his character model may take a few seconds to load.


In Sapporo, this comprehensive guide offers a detailed walkthrough for a complete experience. The walkthrough includes a day-to-day guide for both the real world and the jail, ensuring you don't miss any key events or collectibles. The city holds 2 recipes and 18 requests, providing ample opportunities for exploration and interaction. Make the most of your time in Sapporo by following this guide for a 100% completion journey.

August 8 - Explore the City

On August 8th in Sapporo, new requests will become available for you to tackle. It's advisable to complete them before moving on to Okinawa. The requests include:

  • Trapped in Wonderland
  • Sophia's Weapon Shop
  • Sophia's Armor Shop
  • Trapped in Wonderland
  • Junk Collection, Part 1

Painful Past: Ango Natsume

After obtaining the Safecracker Lv.2 Bond skill from completing the "Painful Past: Ango Natsume" request, head to Bunkamachi West in Shibuya Jail. Access a chest for a powerful Senryo Yakusha S weapon for Yusuke.

Start your exploration in Sapporo at Odori Park. Check vending machines for new drinks and visit food stalls for HP-recovering items like gelato and corn. There's also a garden where you can find four-leaf clovers for Bond EXP through Sophia's request. Proceed to North Suzushino.

In North Suzushino, explore and check vending machines for new drinks. Head to the Roe, Urchin and Crab restaurant and buy everything, including the Seafood Bowl recipe. Visit the Ramen shop for the Miso Ramen recipe and ingredients.

Move to the west side of the main street and visit Lamb-chan's Meat Supply, buying all available items. Continue along the street, stop by vending machines, and go to the supermarket to buy listed items. Visit the pharmacy for useful items, particularly the Soulful Jelly.

Remember to revisit shops regularly for restocks. Conclude your day by heading to the bathhouse.

August 9 - Gather Rumors on Mariko Hyodo

On August 9th, you start your investigation at night, which allows you to access the shops that were closed during the day. Visit the sweets shop to the left and buy both types of parfait as they might be useful later.

Yusuke will contact you about an "emergency." You'll find him by the vending machines across the street from the pharmacy, where he'll give you a free Primordial Soup.

As for the main investigation, follow these steps:

  • Listen to the Glassy-Eyed Man standing by the board near Ann's location to increase your progress by 34%.
  • Listen to the Gaunt Business Man in front of the Pharmacy to add 40% to your progress.
  • Speak to the Cynical Woman near the Roe, Urchin and Crab restaurant to add 2% to your tally.
  • Speak to the Political Old Man looking at the posters across the street from the Ramen shop to complete the investigation.

August 10 - Infiltrate the Sapporo Jail

On August 10th, you'll be infiltrating the Sapporo Jail. Before entering, consider doing some shopping as most shops have restocked. Do some cooking in the Camper and receive a free Grilled Corn from Makoto. You can also gather four-leaf clovers at the garden.

In the Suzushino area, clear shadows and obtain a Snuff Soul from a treasure chest on top of a building. Find another treasure chest near the Pharmacy containing a Lucky Charm accessory. Use cover points to navigate buildings and find another treasure chest with an HP Incense.

At Sapporo Clocktower, treasure chests are present in both west and east sections. The main objective involves activating four heaters during a snowstorm. These heaters are marked on the map, and some areas might have strong resistance. After activating the heaters, a Snowstorm Admin battle occurs.

In the Arboretum, ambush and defeat a powered-up Lilim for Integrated Circuits. Encounter a Mothman ambush, clear the area, and proceed. Activate a checkpoint, open a treasure chest, and slide down with a snowboard. Protect Futaba as she hacks a barrier in the prison keep. Fight shadows, activate a heater, climb the tower for a core, and face the Ice Tower Admin.

At Sapporo Tower, navigate to the final prison keep, ambush patrols, and clear the area. Slide down the pole, claim the final core, and fight the Ice Gate Admin.

The Dark Sun (Mithras) enemy in the Ice Gate Admin battle is weak to lightning, wind, and psychokinesis. Utilize these weaknesses, apply debuffs, and target technical damage to overcome its resistance to physical attacks.

August 11 - Storm the Castle and Defeat the Lock Keeper

On August 11th, before returning to the jail, there's plenty to do in the real world. Look for four-leaf clovers in Odori Park's garden for free Bond EXP. Visit South Suzushino to accept Ryuji's request and talk to Ann about trying Hokkaido cuisine.

In the Former Government Office, activate the checkpoint and head west to a respawning treasure chest. Climb a wall to drop down on the other side. Move ice masses to use as footholds and access a treasure chest containing a Thermo Dress. Enter the castle through a window.

Inside the Snow Empress' Castle, clear shadows and find a treasure chest with a Guard Incense. Defeat the Ice Castle Guard and Ice Castle Governor, using Rakunda to weaken their defenses and targeting their weaknesses for efficient damage.

In the real world, gather what you need before proceeding to the destination via the RV. Consider looking for four-leaf clovers again in Odori Park. The Lock Keeper in the jail is vulnerable to psychokinesis, bless, and curse. Use party members with appropriate skills to exploit these weaknesses and attack with boosted abilities to defeat it quickly.

August 12 - Defeat Snow Empress Mariko

On August 12th, return to the jail via the Former Government Office checkpoint and climb the chain leading to where Shadow Mariko is located. Enter the Cage of Gluttony to face her.

Shadow Mariko is vulnerable to Psychokinesis and Curse, but your SP resources might be limited between Joker and Haru. It's recommended to mix both physical attacks and magic for Haru, with support from Ryuji. Apply Rakunda to her and buff your party's attack. Utilize Phantom Dash to drop chandeliers on her, but be mindful that they don't respawn.

Shadow Mariko's attacks include tentacles, ice skills, and a body slam causing ice crystals to emerge from the ground. Dodge the body slam by observing the range indicator before the attack.

As her defense breaks and her health depletes, Shadow Mariko will turn orange and become highly weak to psychokinesis. This is the ideal time for Haru to use Psio.

She may summon a blizzard that restricts your movement. Activate the marked heater to counteract this effect. If she attempts to eat one of your characters, drop a chandelier on her to force her to release them.

August 13 - Go to the Next City

On August 13th, after completing your mission in Sapporo, Morgana suggests riding the Ferris Wheel while waiting for your stalker to return. You can choose a party member to accompany you on the ride. While going on a date with any of the girls is a nice option, choosing a guy to join you not only provides a significant boost in Bond EXP but also leads to a humorous cutscene.

Following the Ferris Wheel ride and some discussions with Zenkichi, the party will prepare to leave Sapporo. It's recommended to address any unfinished business at this point, such as completing Ryuji's request if available. Additionally, restock on food supplies and items from the pharmacy. Sophia can help you find four-leaf clovers for Bond EXP. Remember to talk to Haru and Futaba, who will give you a Salvia Charm and Wooden Bear Statue respectively. Finally, when you're ready, get on the RV and leave the city.


August 17 - Explore the City

Upon arriving in Okinawa on August 17th, you'll receive the Kyoto Curry recipe for free, which you got when visiting Zenkichi's house on the way. After settling in, you have the freedom to explore the city. Begin by visiting the supermarket to collect ingredients, and then speak to Haru to receive free Goya. Head to the Fukuhara Bento behind your friends to purchase the Goat Soup recipe. In the northern area, you can find the Souvenir Shop and buy the book "Hot Spots!: Okinawa" along with the Coral Necklace.

Several new requests are available to complete, including "Prison Mail, Part 4," "Trapped in a Frozen Hell," "Junk Collection, Part 4," "Painful Past: Mariko Hyodo," and "Beachside Blast." The last one is unlocked after talking to Makoto following your time at the beach.

For the investigation, talk to Zenkichi at the northeast edge of the docks. He'll send you a text asking to meet him. Feel free to chat with your friends, but there won't be any free items this time. The vending machines offer new drinks if you're interested.

When you're able to explore the beach area around sunset, start by heading east to talk to Ann and receive a Seashell Necklace. Zenkichi will give you 5,000 yen when spoken to. Use this money to buy the Okinawa Soba recipe from the Haisai Haoma Cafe nearby. The café's other items are also valuable, especially the watermelon needed for Makoto's request.

While walking along the beach, you might find natural souvenirs buried in the sand, which sell well at Sophia's shop. Speak to Makoto and accept her request. Take the time to work on unfinished requests, prioritizing Makoto's. When you're ready to continue, locate Morgana on the west side of the beach, interact with the signpost to gather the team, and proceed with the story as something significant occurs during the night, leading to an urgent journey into the jail.

August 17 - Infiltrate the Okinawa Jail

On August 17th, you'll infiltrate the Okinawa Jail, which is notably smaller than previous jails. Unlike the other jails, this one lacks a monarch, so your primary objective is to defeat the Lock Keeper.

Upon entering the jail, follow Sophia as she leads the way. Take a moment to inspect the tape recorder on the desk in the prison area. Reunite with the group and ambush a shadow through the glass. As you navigate through the jail, make sure to master the ambush tactic, as encounters will get tougher in later jails.

Head southeast to find a vent to crawl through. Proceed to a hallway with two side rooms. Defeat the shadows by using objects and check for a level 2 lock treasure chest in one of the rooms, containing a Kris Dagger for Joker.

Continue following the objective marker to the storage area. Use hooks to navigate a side-scrolling section, where you can find a respawning chest. In another section of the storage area, defeat shadows, listen to a tape, and access another chest.

In a corridor, break through glass and find a room with a respawning chest. Head toward the objective marker, defeating enemies along the way. Listen to another tape and engage with a Hundred-Armed Watcher. Use hooks on rails to navigate the Document Storage Area, ambush shadows, and open a treasure chest with a Speed Incense.

Proceed to the Monitoring Area, protecting Futaba as she hacks a barrier. Use Phantom Dash and Personas to take out shadows quickly. Use the elevator to reach the Cage of Desolation, where you'll face the Lock Keeper.

This Lock Keeper is weak to bless and curse attacks. Buff and debuff as usual, then hit it with bless skills. You can also drop scaffolds on the Lock Keeper. With proper strategies, the fight should be manageable using the combined SP of Joker and Sophia.

August 18 - Go to the Next City

On August 18th, before departing for Osaka, there are a few things to do in Okinawa:

  • Find Yusuke at the beach and talk to him. Accept his request and ensure you complete it before moving on.
  • Visit the spot with the sign post west of the beach to offer a prayer and receive Bond EXP.
  • A new request, "Okinawan Art Appreciation," becomes available.
  • Shop at the cafe at the beach to stock up on provisions.
  • Head to the Ferry Dock for some last-minute shopping and talk to Ryuji, who will give you a Pork/Egg Onigiri.
  • Check on Futaba near the supermarket. She'll give you a Goya Chanpuru recipe.
  • With these tasks completed, you are ready to leave Okinawa and proceed to the next city, Osaka.


August 23 - Save the Phantom Thieves

On August 23rd, the storyline continues as you join forces with Futaba and Zenkichi for a rescue mission. Here's a summary of the events:

  • Zenkichi, who temporarily lacks his powers, must navigate the jail cautiously. Begin by moving south and then east, avoiding the patrolling shadows. Be patient and time your movements to slip past them unnoticed.
  • As Zenkichi reaches the goal, he awakens his Persona, granting him newfound powers. These powers are tested against a group of shadows in battle.
  • Following the encounter, you return to the real world to prepare for the imminent infiltration.

This phase also introduces several new requests that you can choose to complete. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your equipment at Sophia's shop, which might be helpful for the upcoming challenges.


August 24 - Explore the City and Infiltrate the Osaka Jail

On August 24th, you have the opportunity to explore the city of Osaka and prepare for your infiltration of the Osaka Jail. Here's a brief summary of what you can do:

New Requests: There are several new requests available for you to complete. It's recommended to prioritize the ones involving Zenkichi, as they are missable. Consider working on these requests before entering the jail.

City Exploration: Start your exploration in Dotonbori. Engage in some shopping and make sure to buy items from various shops, as many of the food items have significant healing properties in the Metaverse. Purchase recipes and ingredients from restaurants and shops.

Ann's Gift: Speak to Ann near the ramen shop to receive a Takoyaki Cushion for the RV.

Shinsekai Exploration: Move on to Shinsekai, where you'll find more shops and restaurants. Sample different local foods and gather ingredients. Talk to Yusuke to learn about his dilemma, which prompts Sophia to search for a Kushikatsu recipe online.

Lavenza's Visit: Lavenza summons you to the Velvet Room and unlocks the request "An Ebon God Descends."

Zenkichi's Request: Talk to Zenkichi and receive a Takeout Gyoza. Accept his new request, which initiates a chain of favors you must complete before proceeding to Tenboto.

Make sure to explore the city thoroughly, complete the available requests, and gather items and recipes that can aid you in the upcoming infiltration of the Osaka Jail.

August 25 - Storm the Castle and Defeat the Lock Keeper

On August 25th, you'll be storming Konoe's castle. Here's a brief overview of what you'll be doing:

  • New Requests: There are several new requests available for you to complete. While none of them are missable, you might consider working on them before proceeding with the castle infiltration.
  • Prepare and Cook: Before entering the castle, consider cooking some dishes to boost your party's stats and abilities.
  • Castle Front Area: Defeat the shadows at the castle's front area. Proceed to the Entrance Hall, where an unexpected trap sends the group to the Underground Prison.
  • Escape the Prison: Once you regain control, search your cell for a platform that allows you to reach a vent. There's a treasure chest in another room accessible through the vent.
  • Collect Vague File List: Navigate the vent, collect the Vague File List from a chest, and return to the Entrance Hall.
  • Shadow Horde: Encounter a shadow horde upon leaving the prison area. Utilize Phantom Dash to take out enemies quickly.
  • Security Room: Access the security room to assist Futaba in unlocking the elevator. Protect her during the battle, using ailments and magic skills to defeat enemies.
  • Elevator Battle: Fight off shadows inside the elevator for 44 seconds until it reaches the top floor.
  • Thor Battle: Thor awaits you on the top floor. Defeat him using the same strategy as before.
  • Defeat the Lock Keeper: Battle the Lock Keeper, who is vulnerable to multiple elemental attacks. Use buffs and debuffs to enhance your party's performance. You have enough SP to defeat him swiftly with the right strategy.

Focus on exploiting elemental vulnerabilities and using your party's strengths to overcome the challenges within the castle.

August 26 - Defeat Shadow Akira

On August 26th, you'll face a two-phase battle against Shadow Akira. The first phase involves the Zephyrus Mech. The mech is weak to nuclear and lightning attacks. Begin the battle by using Rakunda to debuff its defenses and Matarukaja to buff your party's attack. Equip Mind Chokers on Makoto and Ryuji for improved resistances. For Joker, consider using a Mind Choker, Rune Amulet, or Muscle Anklet. Your best Personas for Joker will be Thor and Trumpeter, with Thor being most effective at level 68 due to Elec Boost and Elec Amp skills.

During the first phase, focus on exploiting the mech's weaknesses. Use magic attacks to deal damage while conserving your SP for the next phase. Knock down the mech by attacking its vulnerabilities. When it goes into hover mode, use Phantom Dash to reach the Railguns and fire at it until it crashes. Make use of the cooling period between shots to switch between different guns.

In the second phase, you'll face Akira himself, using the electrified debris from the destroyed Zephyrus Mech to your advantage. Start by applying Rakunda and Matarukaja to debuff and buff as needed. Utilize the electrified debris as weapons against Akira. Destroy the electrified broken limbs to shock him, making him vulnerable to nuclear, physical, and gun skills. Thor and Trumpeter Personas are again the most effective choices for Joker.

If your Showtime Attack becomes available, save it for a strategic moment to stun Akira after an All-Out Attack, preventing him from recovering quickly. Keep up the pressure on Akira by exploiting his weaknesses. By consistently attacking him, he won't have a chance to cast Megidolaon, a powerful desperation attack.

Throughout both phases of the battle, use your party's strengths and elemental affinities wisely. Utilize your resources effectively and strategically to defeat Shadow Akira and emerge victorious.

Shiba Park

Defeat False God Demiurge

On August 28th, you'll face the False God Demiurge in a battle divided into three phases.

Phase 1:

In the first phase, use Joker, Ryuji, Yusuke, and Makoto in your party. Demiurge is weak to bless and curse attacks. Utilize Debilitate to weaken Demiurge's defenses and apply buffs to your party. Take a cautious approach and use the Paths of Light to maneuver between platforms, evading attacks. Target Demiurge's wings when she reveals a birdcage to cancel her upcoming attack. Maintain buffs and debuffs while dealing consistent damage.

Phase 2:

In the first half of Phase 2, continue damaging Demiurge with regular attacks, saving SP for later. Demiurge will heal herself, and Futaba will analyze the enemy. Stay mobile on platforms to avoid attacks until Futaba finishes her task.

Phase 3:

Demiurge's attacks become deadlier in this phase. Move between platforms to evade her assaults. Beware her new horizontal sweeping and beam attacks. The beam attack is signaled when Demiurge steps back. Interrupt her attacks by hitting her with bless or curse skills when she raises her staff or trident.

Strategy for Orb Destruction:

For the second phase, divide your team into three groups. Two groups focus on destroying orbs while Joker's group weakens and defeats Demiurge. Group 1 should target orbs Binah (wind), Gevurah (fire), and Chokmah (ice). Group 2 exploits Haru's orb weakness, supported by Zenkichi. Employ showtime attacks after applying Debilitate and continue damaging orbs.

Throughout the battle, apply buffs, exploit weaknesses, and strategically dodge Demiurge's attacks to triumph in this challenging encounter.

This walkthrough provides a detailed guide to help you navigate each chapter of "Persona 5 Strikers," offering insights and solutions to the challenges you'll encounter throughout the game.

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Persona 5 Strikers, a unique crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Persona, is an action RPG. Developed by Omega Force and P-Studio, published by Atlus, it continues the Persona 5 story six months later.

The game follows Joker and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in a mysterious Japanese adventure. It was initially released in Japan in February 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with an international launch and a Windows version in February 2021.

Praised for its gameplay and story, Persona 5 Strikers sold over 1.5 million copies by June 2021. This wiki offers insights into the game's plot, characters, mechanics, and reception, catering to newcomers and dedicated fans.

Persona 5 Strikers Guide

Here's a breakdown of the beginner's tips and overview for Persona 5 Strikers:

  • Talk to Your Friends Frequently: Interact with companions in Shibuya or during free time for potential free items.

  • The Typical Grind: Frequent transitions between Jails (Palaces) and healing with minimal sidequests or time management.

  • The Combat System: Action-oriented combat system, not turn-based like Persona 5. Up to 4 characters in battle, switch between them for advantages. Baton Pass mechanic for better combat flow. Break enemy shields for openings using weaknesses and all-out-attacks.

  • Learn to Switch Targets: Bosses summon reinforcements when low on health. Prioritize taking out healer and support shadows to reduce numbers.

  • Exploiting Enemy Weaknesses: Exploit enemy weaknesses, like using Zia (Thunder) in the first Jail. In boss battles, exploiting weaknesses can stagger foes for extra damage.

  • Use Your Surroundings To Your Advantage: Use environment to stagger enemies, like jumping down on them. Ambushing enemies grants all-out-attack opportunity.

  • Confidants and Social Links: No Confidants or Social Links, but Bond Skills progress. Bond Skills grant extra damage, health, SP, etc. Obtain Bond Skill Points by progressing and defeating enemies. Plan Bond Skill choices carefully as they're permanent.

  • Obtaining Personas: Obtain Personas through Velvet Room fusion or combat drops. Joker can hold up to 8 Personas. Update Persona Registrar and manage party Persona.

  • Recommended Early-Game Persona: Look for Mokoi and Pixie in the first Jail. They have useful abilities like healing and attack boosts.

  • Persona Inherit Skills: Persona Fusion can pass on skills to new Personas. Some skills cannot be inherited.

  • Safety Mode is Now Easy Mode: Safety difficulty not in Persona 5 Strikers. Difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Merciless.

  • Treasure and Loot Respawns: Leaving and re-entering a Jail respawns treasure on the map. Treasure chests do not respawn.

  • No Alternate Story Routes: The ending remains the same, no alternate routes.

  • Cooking and SP Recovery: Purchase cooking ingredients for SP-restoring dishes. Explore city shops for new recipes.

  • In-game Tutorial: Upper-right corner shows objectives and hints. Party members give hints for reaching objectives.

Persona 5 Strikers Trailer

Persona 5 Strikers Gameplay

Persona 5 Strikers combines Dynasty Warriors hack and slash with Persona's turn-based battles. Joker, the protagonist, collects and fuses Personas in the Velvet Room. Instead of Confidants, there are Requests and the BOND system for stat bonuses.

In dungeons, you have a party of up to four members, with Joker always active. Stealth and puzzles are part of dungeon exploration. The 'Third Eye' helps you spot enemies and interactive objects. Surprise attacks in battles are advantageous, and you use a command menu for Persona abilities, triggering 'All-Out Attacks' with critical hits or enemy weaknesses. Party members gain Master Arts through manual control and defeating foes. If your party is defeated, it's game over.

Persona 5 Strikers Plot

Four months post-Persona 5 events, Joker and the Phantom Thieves gather for a Tokyo camping trip. They encounter EMMA app, leading to a mysterious "Jail" when used, revealing Monarch Alice Hiiragi. After changing Alice's heart, they team up with Zenkichi Hasegawa, a detective, and travel to Sendai and Sapporo to change more Monarchs' hearts.

They discover EMMA's dark origins and battle Monarchs, including CEO Akira Konoe, backed by corrupt politician Jyun Owada. They confront a massive Yokohama Jail driven by AI Demiurge, awaken Sophia's Persona, defeat Demiurge, and erase the Jails. The Phantom Thieves disband temporarily but plan to reunite in the future.

Persona 5 Strikers? - Faqs

Can I control all party members during battles?    

While exploring dungeons, you can control any party member freely, but in the real world, you can only control Joker.

How is the combat system in Persona 5 Strikers different from Persona 5?    

Persona 5 Strikers features real-time action combat with elements from the Dynasty Warriors series, allowing players to control characters in battles.

How do I obtain new Personas in Persona 5 Strikers?  

You can obtain new Personas through random drops, defeating mini-bosses, and fusing them in the Velvet Room.

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