Raft Tangaroa Walkthrough, Wiki, Gameplay, Trailer and More

Explore Tangaroa Island using our in-depth Raft Tangaroa guide, revealing hidden secrets and essential survival tactics.

by Keerthika | Updated Nov 04, 2023 01:59 PM

Raft Tangaroa Walkthrough, Wiki, Gameplay, Trailer and More

Raft Wiki

Raft, a video game created by the Swedish company Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games, falls under the category of an open-world survival sandbox. Initially, it was made available as a free download on the indie platform Itch.io in 2016 and later entered early access on Steam on May 23, 2018.

On June 20, 2022, Raft officially completed its early access phase with the launch of its final chapter. In this game, which unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world submerged in water, players take on the role of forward scouts, brave survivors who venture into the open ocean in search of habitable land and essential resources.

Raft Tangaroa Walkthrough

Tangaroa marks a significant departure from previous story islands due to its expansive size and vertical layout, making it a challenging area to explore. Players must adequately prepare themselves before venturing into this new territory.

In Raft Tangaroa, players who have successfully explored Caravan Town will discover the code to access Tangaroa. This location holds a crucial connection to the overarching narrative of uncontrollable rising sea levels. However, like other story islands, something has gone awry here.

Although Tangaroa may not be as physically massive as Balboa Island, its intricate vertical design makes it even more challenging to navigate than Caravan Town. Players aiming to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny, uncover notes, blueprints, and secrets, should gear up for an extensive journey.

Getting Ready:

  • Tangaroa lacks soil, hidden treasures, or catchable animals, allowing players to leave related tools on their rafts.

  • Tangaroa boasts an abundance of trees, including the game's first banana trees, making axes invaluable.

  • It is advisable to carry at least two machetes due to the presence of respawning enemies called Butler Bots and the formidable lurkers from the Vasagatan. Additionally, some areas are barricaded, requiring a machete to clear a path.

  • Tangaroa's underworks are dark, so players should bring a headlamp to improve visibility.

  • While Tangaroa offers various food and water sources on its upper levels, players should still carry consumables for exploration in the underworks.

Exploring the Depths:

  • Players' first challenge is to find an entrance into Tangaroa. Yellow arrows along the base of the dome guide the way to a sea-level entrance. Since the player's raft is usually too large to fit inside, swimming to the entrance is necessary, while keeping an eye out for sharks that can enter the loading bay.

  • Inside Tangaroa, players will encounter helpful signs directing them to different areas. Starting by going left, players will find a ladder leading downward. The cafeteria holds the first note on a table, while the adjacent kitchen contains a generator part amidst crates.

  • Exiting the cafeteria's rear, players can follow signs to the generator and storage area. At a dead end, players will find a second generator part. Continuing onward to the storage area, beneath a broken ladder, players will discover the third generator part.

  • The ladder in the storage area provides access to a generator that requires three parts to activate. Solving the puzzle involves creating a pathway to the surface access door by moving crates into adjacent empty spots. Red crates are impassable, while crates with yellow and black electrical tape indicate open sides but cannot be rotated. Players should open a path to a hidden room below the controls before solving the puzzle to access titanium ore, two suitcases, a machete, and the "Boxed In!" achievement.

  • After solving the puzzle, players receive a blueprint for water pipes and the second note. However, a hatch marked "Surface Access" is a trap, flooding the area. The real way forward is to return to the storage area and use the water to reach the broken ladder leading to the plantation, where players can open a previously locked door and obtain the third note.

  • The plantation poses a danger with electrified water, but players can move through it between shocks, standing on solid ground when necessary. Repairing a broken door requires three tape rolls, one of which is found next to the first bit of tape and the fourth note. The other two tape rolls are located in a connected storage room.

  • Players should also gather strawberries and chop down banana trees in the plantation, as this is the only place in the game where these fruits and their seeds can be found.

  • A room on the far side of the plantation houses an electrical box that opens another door. However, players need three more tape rolls, which are not present in the plantation area. So, for now, players should take the fifth note and exit through the "Surface Access" door.

  • Exploring further reveals Building 3, accessible through a tunnel on the town's right side. Although only a single apartment is found on floor 8, players can obtain a token in the bathroom, find a safe and tape in the barricaded bedroom, and access a balcony leading to the roof. From the roof, players can use a zipline to reach another building with a crate and a token.

The guide continues through the various buildings and floors of Tangaroa, including Building 1, Building 2, Building 5, Building 9, and more. Players are advised to collect items, tokens, and notes while navigating the complex layout of Tangaroa.

The Floating City:

  • Upon ascending from the lower decks, players arrive at Tangaroa's main level, where they encounter a colossal statue with note six at its base. Additionally, Butler Bots appear, and players should strafe to the right to avoid their tasers. The bots primarily drop keycards, which are needed to unlock doors with red lights in Tangaroa's city area.

  • Players will notice openings along the dome's edge, which can be interacted with to deploy inflatable ramps to the water below. These ramps provide a convenient means to bypass the underworks during future visits. Players can also sail their rafts close to these ramps for easy access.

  • The primary goal is to enter the central tower in town, but the entrance is locked. Nearby vending machines require coins, which players don't yet possess. Instead, players should head to Building 1, located to the left of the staircase.

The guide provides detailed information on exploring the various buildings, collecting tokens, and obtaining essential items. Players must navigate Building 1, Building 2, Building 5, Building 8, Building 3, and other locations within Tangaroa.

Going Up?:

  • To reach the top, players must climb a ladder before entering and activating the elevator. On the second floor, players should open a locked door on floor 0 and collect note seven. This is also an ideal time to use vending machine tokens to acquire essential supplies.

  • At the top of Tangaroa, players will find note eight and a blueprint for a large storage container. Unfortunately, the ladder leading to the top is out of reach, and an emergency bridge requires a four-digit code. Note eight provides clues to four locations, each corresponding to a building number that matches the code. Players should visit these locations in sequence:

  1. V Are Arcade (4)
  2. Chi's Burgers (8)
  3. Sea Side Barber (1)
  4. Floating Fashion (3)

Entering the correct code leads to an unexpected turn of events. Players must then head to a location on the far side of Tangaroa, which can be reached by either sailing their rafts or swimming across. A ladder and a hatch provide access to this new location, where players will find a safe, the playable character Elaine, note nine, and a blueprint for a water tank.

  • This note points the way to the next story island. To conclude the Tangaroa location, players should search for another safe and one final note.

The guide offers comprehensive assistance for players navigating Tangaroa, from initial preparations to exploring its complex layout and uncovering key items and secrets."

Raft Guide

Raft Guide: In the world of Raft, where survival depends on your navigation skills in an ever-expanding ocean, a comprehensive guide is your key to success. Whether you're a beginner starting out on your first makeshift raft or an experienced explorer aiming to conquer challenging story islands like Tangaroa, having the right knowledge is crucial.

Our Raft Guide offers essential insights into the game's mechanics, crafting and building strategies, survival tips for encounters with marine life, and detailed step-by-step walkthroughs for handling intricate story elements. From initial preparations to navigating hazardous waters and uncovering the game's secrets, this guide equips you with the expertise and information necessary to thrive in this immersive survival adventure. Dive into the world of Raft fully prepared and embark on an unforgettable oceanic journey.

Raft Gameplay

The game features dynamic gameplay with the ability to switch between first-person and third-person views in both single-player and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer, the game automatically sets up a server, encouraging cooperative play among participants.

Upon starting the game, players begin on a small 2x2 raft in the middle of a vast ocean. Armed with only a hook, players use it to gather items like barrels, wood, palm fronds, plastic, and crates from the water. While swimming is an option for resource collection, players must be cautious as the raft constantly drifts due to the ocean's continuous current. Additionally, there are constant threats from sharks lurking beneath the waves, posing dangers to both players and the raft. Crafting plays a crucial role as players use collected materials to create tools, weapons, nets, and even a steering wheel, enhancing the raft's functionality, size, and defense.

Survival goes beyond resource collection, as players need to manage essential needs such as hunger and thirst by catching or growing food and purifying water. However, seagulls can be a challenge to food production and must be deterred or dealt with.

During their journey, players may come across islands ripe for exploration, offering unique items and resources. Coastal areas also provide opportunities for diving and collecting special items, adding depth to the ever-evolving survival experience.

Raft Game Trailer

Raft Tangaroa Walkthrough? - FAQs

Are there any cheats or console commands available for Raft?  

Raft does have some console commands that can be used to modify the game's settings. These commands can be accessed by pressing the "Tab" key and typing them in. However, using cheats may disable certain achievements, so use them with caution.

How can I switch between first-person and third-person views in Raft?  

You can toggle between first-person and third-person views by pressing the appropriate key or button on your gaming platform. In most cases, this key is "V" on your keyboard.

What is the objective of Raft's gameplay? Is there an ultimate goal in the game?  

Raft is an open-world survival game where the primary objective is to survive and thrive. There isn't a singular ultimate goal, but players can set their own objectives, such as exploring story islands, building a massive raft, or uncovering the game's secrets. Survival and exploration are key components of the gameplay.

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