Resident Evil 4 Guide Separate Ways DLC Walkthrough, Resident Evil 4 Gameplay, Plot, Separate Ways DLC Remake Unlockables

Embark on a journey through Resident Evil 4 Chapter 7 with the help of our Separate Ways DLC Walkthrough and Unlockables guide. Uncover concealed treasures and enigmatic secrets to enhance your gaming adventure.

by Snekha S | Updated Sep 22, 2023 05:46 PM

Resident Evil 4 Guide Separate Ways DLC Walkthrough, Resident Evil 4 Gameplay, Plot, Separate Ways DLC Remake Unlockables

Resident Evil 4 Guide Separate Ways DLC Walkthrough

The "Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC Walkthrough Guide" is an invaluable tool for mastering the Separate Ways DLC in Resident Evil 4 Remake. This DLC allows players to experience Ada Wong's perspective as she embarks on her own mission, parallel to Leon's journey in the main game.

Within this guide, you will discover comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for conquering every chapter of the Separate Ways DLC. It's important to note that this guide remains a dynamic work in progress, with ongoing updates and enhancements based on the creators' experiences as they progress through the DLC.

Separate Ways DLC Remake Unlockables Chapter 7

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Separate Ways DLC offers a variety of enticing unlockable items for players to obtain. These rewards encompass costumes, weapons, and more, and while they don't necessitate the completion of excessively challenging tasks like those in the main game, they do require players to progress through the DLC and meet specific criteria. Here's a rundown of what you can access:

Unlockables List:

  1. Cat Set: Achieve an S+ Rank on Professional Mode upon completing the DLC.
  2. Chicago Sweeper: Achieve an A Rank on Professional Mode upon completing the DLC.
  3. Countess Set: Complete the DLC on Professional Mode (any rank).
  4. Chicken Hat: Attain an S+ Rank on Hardcore Mode upon completing the DLC.
  5. Cute Bear Earring: Achieve an A Rank on Hardcore Mode upon completing the DLC.
  6. Bear Hat: Obtain an S+ Rank on Standard Mode upon completing the DLC.
  7. Hair Color (Green): Finish the DLC on Standard Mode with an A Rank.
  8. Elite Knife: Fulfill all 7 Merchant Requests.
  9. Professional Mode: Finish Chapter 7 of the DLC.
  10. Dress Costume (Ada): Complete Chapter 7 of the DLC.
  11. Undercover Costume (Ada): Finish Chapter 7 of the DLC.
  12. Vest Costume (Luis): Complete Chapter 7 of the DLC.
  13. Suit Costume (Wesker): Complete Chapter 7 of the DLC.

How to Get S+ Rank on Separate Ways Chapter 7?

To acquire some of the most valuable rewards, your goal should be to achieve an S+ Rank in the Separate Ways DLC. Here are the criteria you need to meet:

  • Assisted Mode: Complete the DLC in less than 1.5 hours.
  • Standard Mode: Complete the DLC in less than 2 hours.
  • Hardcore Mode: Complete the DLC in less than 2.5 hours.
  • Professional Mode: Complete the DLC in less than 2.5 hours and limit your saves to only 10.

Resident Evil 4

"Resident Evil 4," created by Capcom, is a thrilling survival horror video game that was initially released in 2005 for the GameCube. In this game, you assume the role of Leon S. Kennedy, a special agent tasked with the rescue of the President's daughter, Ashley, who has been abducted by a sinister cult in Spain.

Diverging from the gameplay style of earlier Resident Evil titles, this installment emphasizes action and incorporates a dynamic camera perspective. It garnered immense popularity due to its compelling storyline, gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, and memorable characters. It has earned its place as one of the greatest video games ever made, amassing millions of copies sold and leaving a lasting impact on the gaming industry. In 2023, a remake was released, enhancing both its visual and gameplay aspects to provide an even more immersive experience.

Resident Evil 4 Gameplay

In "Resident Evil 4," you step into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy. The game employs a third-person perspective, akin to a movie camera, focusing on Leon's actions. When confronting adversaries, the camera smoothly shifts over his shoulder to enhance aiming precision, replacing the conventional crosshair with a laser pointer that indicates your target.

Combat strategies are diverse – you can aim at different body parts, such as the feet or arms of enemies, causing them to stumble or relinquish their weapons. There are also intense moments requiring rapid button presses to evade imminent threats, like falling boulders or menacing boss encounters.

The game's antagonists aren't typical zombies; they are villagers known as Los Ganados, displaying cunning behaviors like evading your attacks, utilizing weapons, and coordinating their efforts. Formidable boss encounters, such as the eerie Regeneradors and the colossal sea creature Del Lago, add to the game's tension.

Your inventory and weapons are managed within a special case, and you can engage with a friendly merchant you encounter during your journey to buy, sell, and upgrade your gear. "Resident Evil 4" also offers additional content such as side stories, costumes, and special game modes to enjoy once you've completed the main storyline.

Resident Evil 4 Plot

In "Resident Evil 4," the narrative centers on Leon S. Kennedy, a U.S. government agent tasked with a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President. Ashley has been abducted by the enigmatic cult known as Los Iluminados, leading Leon to a secluded village in Spain in search of her. In the village, he uncovers a horrifying truth: the inhabitants have fallen under the influence of a mind-controlling parasite called Las Plagas, serving the cult's sinister agenda.

Working in tandem with a fellow captive, Luis Sera, Leon attempts to escape, but their paths diverge later in the story. Leon eventually locates Ashley in a church and successfully rescues her, only to learn of Los Iluminados' malevolent scheme. The cult's leader, Osmund Saddler, plans to harness the parasite within Ashley to manipulate the U.S. President, initiating a global catastrophe.

As Leon and Ashley strive to flee, they encounter various adversaries, including Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar, both working in league with Saddler. Along their perilous journey, Leon reunites with Ada Wong, a former associate, and faces off against his ex-comrade, Jack Krauser. With Ada's assistance, Leon overcomes Saddler and saves Ashley, albeit at the cost of Ada absconding with the parasite sample, leaving Leon and Ashley to escape from the impending destruction of the island.

Resident Evil 4 Trailer

Resident Evil 4 Guide Separate Ways DLC Walkthrough Chapter 7 - FAQs

What do I need to unlock in Separate Ways DLC?

Unlock costumes, weapons, and more by achieving specific ranks and goals.

How many Merchant Requests are there in Separate Ways?

There are a total of 7 Merchant Requests to complete.

Is the Separate Ways DLC available in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Yes, it's included as an additional game mode in the Remake.

What's the fastest way to get an S+ Rank in Separate Ways?

Finish the DLC quickly according to your selected difficulty mode.

How can I complete Separate Ways DLC in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Follow our step-by-step walkthrough guide.

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