Trek to Yomi Walkthrough, Overview, Gameplay, Guide and More

"Trek to Yomi" is a feudal Japan action-adventure game where players lead Hiroki, a vengeful young samurai, through an immersive story featuring tough battles and pivotal decisions influencing Hiroki's destiny and his world.

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Trek to Yomi Walkthrough, Overview, Gameplay, Guide and More

About Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi, an action-packed side-scrolling game, unfolds in feudal Japan during the Edo period. Players guide Hiroki, a skilled swordsman, on a quest for vengeance after his village is ravaged by bandits. Journey through Yomi, the Japanese underworld, confronting adversaries and mythological creatures. Combat choices include fast or powerful strikes and strategic blocking. Discover various weapons and secret areas as you progress. The captivating plot explores Hiroki's journey, trials, and encounters in Yomi, leading to multiple endings determined by player choices. This game merges history and mythology in an immersive side-scrolling adventure.

Trek to Yomi Walkthrough

Trek to Yomi Walkthrough:

Embark on a captivating adventure through feudal Japan as Hiroki, a determined young samurai seeking vengeance, in the action-adventure game "Trek to Yomi." Let this comprehensive walkthrough be your guide as you navigate through each chapter, conquering the challenges that await you.

Chapter 1

  • Step onto the path of destiny and acquaint yourself with the game's mechanics and controls as you follow the linear journey. Engage in encounters with bandit enemies, honing your sword combat techniques through relentless practice.

  • As you progress, the path leads you to a breathtaking waterfall, where a formidable bandit leader awaits as the first boss. Use your acquired skills in blocking and dodging to evade the leader's powerful attacks and seize the right moments to strike back with precision.

Chapter 2

  • Enter the eerie domain of the haunted forest, where ghostly apparitions and deadly traps lurk around every corner. Here, you'll obtain the bow, which opens up a new realm of ranged combat techniques, granting you a strategic advantage in battle.
  • At the heart of the haunted forest, you'll face the Forest Guardian, an imposing spirit guarded by mystical forces. Your bow skills will be put to the test as you target the creature's weak points, aiming to overcome this challenging adversary and emerge victorious.

Chapter 3

  • Venture into the darkness of the caverns, where puzzles await your wit and shadow creatures challenge your combat prowess. Your perseverance will be rewarded as you obtain the grappling hook, granting you access to hidden areas and invaluable secrets.

  • In a thrilling encounter, you'll confront the Shadow Monk, an agile and skilled adversary who tests your reflexes and agility. Swiftly evade his relentless attacks and retaliate with well-timed strikes to gain the upper hand in this intense battle.

Chapter 4

  • Forge ahead through a contaminated village, where Blighted monsters and highly skilled samurai enemies stand in your way. Acquire the ozutsu firearm and master its usage, adding a new dimension to your combat capabilities.
  • Among the village's ruins, you'll face off against Morimitsu and other formidable samurai, engaging in intense duels to progress through the chapter. The ozutsu firearm proves to be a valuable asset, allowing you to pierce through groups of enemies with precision and finesse.

Chapter 5

  • Prepare to confront the unknown as you delve deeper into the realm of darkness known as Yomi. Here, you'll encounter new challenges and perilous dangers, pushing your combat skills to their limits.

  • Powerful adversaries await your arrival, putting your combat prowess and strategic thinking to the ultimate test. Only by unleashing the full extent of your abilities can you overcome these formidable foes and emerge victorious.

  • The decisions you make throughout the journey will significantly impact the game's ending. The fate of Hiroki and the world itself hangs in the balance, making each choice a critical moment that shapes the destiny of the protagonist and those around him.

Chapter 6

  • Prepare yourself for the ultimate confrontation against the game's main antagonist, Kaguro. Drawing upon all your acquired skills, weapons, and experiences, this climactic showdown will determine the course of Hiroki's fate and the fate of the world itself.
  • The weight of your decisions culminates in a final choice that will shape the outcome of Hiroki's journey. The consequences of your actions will be far-reaching, influencing not only the resolution of the game but also the destiny of the protagonist and those who surround him.

General Tips:

  • To master the art of swordplay, dedicate yourself to practice, honing your blocking, parrying, and dodging skills. Utilize ranged weapons wisely, strategically taking down distant enemies and gaining an advantage in combat.

  • Each weapon in your arsenal possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Be tactical in choosing the right weapon for each situation, whether it be the katana for up-close and personal encounters, the bow for precise ranged attacks, or the ozutsu for dealing with groups of enemies.

  • Embark on a thorough exploration of each level, keenly searching for hidden secrets, collectibles, and upgrades that enhance Hiroki's abilities and improve his chances of success.

  • The environment holds valuable clues, traps, and interactable objects that can aid you on your perilous journey. Stay alert and make use of your surroundings to gain an edge in battle.

  • Remember to save your progress regularly using the shrines scattered throughout the world. These act as vital checkpoints and replenish your health, ensuring that you don't lose substantial progress when faced with challenging sections.

Trek to Yomi Overview




Feudal Japan during the Edo period


Hiroki, a skilled young swordsman

Main Objective

Vengeance quest after his village is attacked

Gameplay Style

Side-scrolling action

Attack Modes

Light and heavy attacks

Combat Strategy

Precise timing, blocking, and counter-attacks


Diverse, including bosses, mythological creatures, and supernatural elements


Katana, ozutsu, bo-shurikens, bows, and arrows

Environmental Interaction

Stealth and avoidance using environmental hazards


Freeform exploration with hidden secrets and upgrades

NPCs and Shrines

Friendly non-playable characters and checkpoint shrines

Difficulty Options

Cinematic mode (easier), unlockable challenging mode

Key Features

Compelling narrative, intricate combat mechanics, and rich gaming experience in ancient Japan

Trek to Yomi Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Trek to Yomi guide, designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the game mechanics and strategies. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this guide covers all aspects of the game, ensuring that you can conquer every challenge and uncover all the secrets.

Beginner's Tips:

  • To become a skilled samurai, mastering parries and counter-attacks is essential. Timing is key, especially when facing armored opponents. As you progress through the campaign, you'll unlock skills that enhance your parrying abilities, allowing you to fend off attacks from all sides.

  • Take advantage of the shrines scattered throughout the game. These not only serve as save points but also replenish your health. Be on the lookout for them in main locations and secret areas.

  • During combat, utilize spin attacks against enemies facing your character's back. As you advance, more attack combinations will become available, giving you an edge against multiple foes.

  • Stamina management is crucial. Avoid exhausting Hiroki by depleting the entire stamina bar. Seek upgrades that permanently extend his stamina, enabling prolonged combat performance.

  • Exploration is rewarded in Trek to Yomi. Search for alternative paths to outmaneuver enemies or employ traps to your advantage. Some optional areas hold valuable treasures, so explore the outskirts of each location diligently.

  • Make the most of ranged attacks, such as shurikens and the bow. These can be used for stealthy kills or to gain a tactical advantage in direct combat. However, be mindful of limited ammunition capacity.

Trophy Guide:

For achievement hunters, our trophy guide provides invaluable tips to unlock every trophy and achieve 100% completion, including the prestigious platinum trophy.

Trek to Yomi Gameplay

Trek to Yomi immerses players in feudal Japan during the Edo period, guiding Hiroki, a skilled young swordsman, on a vengeance quest after witnessing the destruction of his village by bandits.

The game offers side-scrolling action with light and heavy attacks, requiring precise timing for strategic blocking and counter-attacks.

In Yomi, players face diverse adversaries, gaining weapons like katana, ozutsu, bo-shurikens, bows, and arrows as they progress.

Adapting to opponents' combat stances is key, and environmental hazards can be used for stealth or avoidance. Freeform exploration and side-scrolling combat provide varying challenges.

Secret areas hide treasures, upgrades, and friendly non-playable characters, while shrines serve as checkpoints, each usable once per playthrough.

Players can choose a cinematic mode for an easier experience or unlock a challenging mode after completing the game.

Trek to Yomi offers a rich narrative and intricate combat mechanics, providing an enriching gaming experience in ancient Japan.

Trek to Yomi Walkthrough? - FAQs

Can I change the difficulty level in the game?

Yes, "Trek to Yomi" provides a cinematic mode for a more accessible experience. Additionally, after completing the game once, you can unlock a challenging mode for those seeking a greater level of difficulty.

Are there any secrets or hidden areas in the game?  

Yes, "Trek to Yomi" rewards exploration. Look for alternative paths, traps, and secret areas that hold valuable treasures, upgrades, and even friendly non-playable characters.

What is the setting of "Trek to Yomi"?  

"Trek to Yomi" is set in feudal Japan during the Edo period, offering players an immersive experience in this historical and mythological setting.

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