Tricky Doors Walkthrough, Overview, Guide, Gameplay and More

Presenting a comprehensive Tricky Doors Walkthrough! Discover the hidden mysteries of intricate doors as you navigate through immersive escape room challenges in this captivating and mind-bending adventure game.

by Keerthika | Updated Nov 02, 2023 03:52 PM

Tricky Doors Walkthrough, Overview, Guide, Gameplay and More

Tricky Doors

Tricky Doors, an engrossing escape room adventure by Five-BN Games, dares players with mysterious locations and perplexing puzzles. As they progress, players become ensnared in unique scenarios that test their wit and powers of observation. The goal? Unearth concealed clues, conquer intricate puzzles, and unveil the secrets guarding each tricky door for a triumphant escape.

With 15 gripping episodes currently available and the 16th on the horizon, players can immerse themselves in an ever-expanding world of enigmas and thrilling escapades. Tricky Doors weaves players into a captivating narrative that unfolds with each new episode. The game crafts an immersive experience where players must meticulously explore their surroundings and think critically to surmount obstacles, progressing through a diverse array of challenges.

Bringing together mysterious settings, captivating puzzles, and satisfying solutions, Tricky Doors offers an exhilarating and mentally stimulating adventure that appeals to both puzzle enthusiasts and adventure gamers. Prepare for a journey teeming with suspense, creativity, and the thrill of unlocking the secrets behind those enigmatic doors.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough

Tricky Doors, a mobile adventure game by Five-BN Games, combines adventure, hidden object, and single-player puzzles with stunning 3D graphics and hundreds of scenes. Your objective extends beyond locating hidden objects; you'll also engage in mini-games on your journey to mastery.

Within the game, you'll encounter diverse rooms featuring creative and demanding puzzles, testing your wit and observation. Each door unveils familiar and exotic landscapes, and your mission is to escape each realm via portals and unlock fresh territories.

Collecting Key and Broom

  • Look for a key with balls near the treasure box and pick it up.

  • Find a broom on the right side of the treasure box and add it to your inventory.

Getting the Red Gem

  • Locate a red gem hidden in the eyehole of the mask above the treasure box and collect it.

Cleaning the Cobweb

  • Use the broom to clean the cobweb on the right side of the fireplace and reveal the second key. Add the key to your inventory.

Candle, Handle, and Figured Key

  • Find a candle and handle it on the floor near the trapdoor on the left side and take them.

  • Tap the fireplace to obtain a figured key and add it to your inventory.

Ritual Knife and Rope

  • Look for a ritual knife and potion recipe on the chimney wall and take them.

  • Use the knife to get the rope from the left side of the Chimney Wall and add it to your inventory.

Doll and Monogram Key

  • Obtain a doll and a key with monograms from the table on the left side and add them to your inventory.

Opening the Trapdoor

  • Use all the keys collected to open the trapdoor and go through the ladder to reach the ground.

Open Area

  • Tap the half-cut tree to collect an ax blade.

  • Combine the ax blade with the handle in your inventory using the ritual knife to make an ax.

Collect feathers from the same spot.

  • Drag wooden pieces on the platform and cut them with the ax to obtain firewood.

  • Tap the bushes next to the wooden house to collect berries, which are the main ingredient in the Potion Recipe.

Red Fire Scene

  • Tap the "Red Fire" to move to the second scene.

  • Find a handle near the stone and add it to your inventory.

  • Bring an arrow out from the stone on the right side.

  • Cut down the tree on the left side with the ax to obtain an Empty Cauldron.

  • Head to the water and use the ritual knife to get a lily.

Water Well

  • Connect the Empty Cauldron with rope and place the handle with the wellhead.

  • Throw the empty pot into the well to get some water.

  • Use the key to take the pot of water out and add both items to your inventory.

  • Tap the "Red Fire" again to return to the previous scene.

Creating Smoke and Collecting a Gem

  • Use the candle on the "Red Fire" to get a burning candle.

  • Keep the burning candle back in your inventory.

  • Use the candle on the doll to obtain a smoking doll.

  • Tap on the right side to frighten the snake using the smoking doll and collect a gem as the snake leaves its spot.

Mini-game in the Wooden House

  • Go back to your wooden house and add the gem to the treasure box to run a mini-game.

  • Play the mini-game to get the red and green diamonds to their respective places.

  • Collect a stick and net from the opened treasure box and add them to your inventory.

  • Combine the stick and rope to make a bow.

  • Attach feathers to the arrow.

Red Fire Area

  • Leave the wooden house close to the red fire.

  • Throw a net into the water to get a muddy treasure box.

  • Use the ritual knife to cut the seaweed.

  • Use the key to open the treasure box and collect a bottle.

  • Use the bow to bring an apple down from the tree and add it to your inventory.

  • Cut the mushrooms on the right side and add them to your list.

Preparing a Dish

  • Go back to your wooden house, select the Potion recipe, and add ingredients.

  • Go to the fireplace, select and place a pot of water, make a fire using the candle, and put firewood first.

  • Add all ingredients into the pot and take an apple stick with the arrow into the boiling solution to get an apple back into your inventory.

  • Use the bow to get a rope back and tap the owls sitting on the tree to keep the light sequence in mind.

Crystal and Top-down Viewpoint

  • Go close to the lake and head to the statue on the right side.

  • Place the red gem on the figure and tap them following the light sequence you found when tapping owls.

  • Once completed, claim the crystal and add it to your inventory.

  • Go back to your wooden house and tap the painting on the left side to add the crystal so it throws light on the table.

Inside the Bottle

  • Tap the table to add a bottle to the stand.

  • Select the apple and tap the bottle to get it inside the bottle.

  • Select the ax from your inventory, use it to clean the cobweb inside the bottle, and get a handle from there.

  • Tap an insect below the grasshopper.

  • Break its sting, attach it to the handle you recently collected, and tie it with the rope to get a Sharp Tool.

  • Remove the cobweb from the left side using the Sharp Tool.

  • Collect a Nymph from there.

  • Get a stomp from below the grasshopper to make it disappear from the scene.

Golden Spatula and Pattern

  • On the left side, discover a stone holding two cabins.

  • Tap that area to unravel a mini-game and solve a puzzle by setting the moving pieces according to the pictures and get a Golden Spatula.

  • Head to the eye-like objects on the right side and pop one of them.

  • Use the Spatula to dig out a Bulb from the spot and add it to your inventory.

  • Don't forget to see the pattern drawn on a stone covered by a leaf.

Top-down Viewpoint Again

  • Leave the wooden house and tap the head of the Red Light to see the area from a top-down viewpoint.

  • To put off the fire, tap temples in the following order.

  • After that, select the Spatula to get ash aside in a pot, sow the Bulb there, and wait until a flower emerges.

  • Collect the flower of insight and add it to your inventory.

Magic Ink Puzzle

  • Go back to your wooden house and head to the table on the stand where you have kept a table.

  • Select the stamp from your inventory and use it to unlock the book.

  • Open the book to get an ink recipe, an amulet, and a key. Leave the house for a while and head to the cage on the left side of the open area.

Ink Recipe, Amulet, and a key.

  • Leave the house for a while and head to the cage on the left side of the open area.

  • Unlock the cage using an Amulet and feed a flower to the bird.

  • Let it go, leaving the cage.

  • Collect a Blind Bird’s Feather from the cage and return to the wooden house.

Weight Machine and Jars

  • Keep all jars on the shelves and solve the puzzle using the ink recipe and weight machine properly.

  • Select the magic ink from the table, use the feather from the inventory, and dip it into the ink to write something on the book.

  • This helps you go back to reality and complete the level.

Tricky Doors Overview


Tricky Doors Overview


Tricky Doors is an engaging mobile game that seamlessly combines adventure, hidden object detection, and puzzle-solving, offering players a captivating and multifaceted gaming experience.


The game features remarkable 3D graphics, immersing players in a visually stunning world comprising hundreds of breathtaking scenes.


Players must not only locate hidden objects but also tackle mini-games and intricate puzzles to progress and master the game.


Each chapter unfolds in distinct settings, including the enchanting Magic World, the remote Secluded Island, and the fantastical Floating Islands, ensuring a diverse and exciting gameplay experience.


Players interact with the game's rooms and objects through a user-friendly point-and-click interface, collecting keys, gems, tools, and more while solving intricate puzzles and challenges.

Difficulty Curve

The game offers a carefully designed difficulty curve, with each level presenting progressively more complex challenges to encourage players to refine their hidden object detection and puzzle-solving skills.


Tricky Doors ensures players are continuously engaged and satisfied as they navigate its multifaceted and immersive gameplay, which includes searching for clues, crafting tools, and deciphering codes.

Tricky Doors Guide

Tricky Doors, a captivating mobile game by Five-BN Games, combines Adventure, Hidden Object, and Single-player Puzzle elements. It boasts stunning 3D graphics and offers players a multitude of captivating scenes to explore. While uncovering hidden objects remains a primary goal, players must also tackle challenging mini-games and puzzles to advance and ultimately achieve mastery.

This game presents a variety of rooms, each with its unique and imaginative challenges. Behind each door, a world filled with both familiar and exotic landscapes awaits players, demanding navigation to secure an escape. By utilizing portals and unlocking fresh areas, players embark on an adventure spanning numerous epic stories and thrilling search quests, progressively growing in complexity as they reach higher levels. To triumph, players must sharpen their hidden object detection and puzzle-solving skills to become the ultimate master of Tricky Doors.

In Tricky Doors, players are entrusted with the task of opening room doors to facilitate their escape. Each level introduces distinct objectives, hidden objects, mini-games, and puzzles to conquer. The game commences with eight chapters, with ongoing additions of more episodes. In the first level, players join a writer on a thrilling journey after he accidentally finds himself trapped in a magical world following a phone call.

Now, players must assist the writer in planning his escape. The level 1 walkthrough encompasses collecting keys, gems, a broom, and other items. Players will explore the magical world, solve puzzles, create smoke to scare off a snake, engage in a mini-game within a wooden house, prepare a dish following a potion recipe, and acquire a crystal to progress further. As players advance through the levels, they encounter increasingly intricate challenges and captivating storylines, rendering Tricky Doors an enthralling and immersive gaming experience.

Tricky Doors Gameplay

Tricky Doors delivers an engaging blend of adventure, hidden object detection, and puzzle-solving gameplay. Players' mission is to unlock doors in diverse, often magical, and occasionally perilous worlds. The game boasts stunning 3D graphics, immersing mobile players in a plethora of breathtaking scenes.

As they advance, players don't just hunt for hidden items; they also partake in mini-games and puzzles to become masters of the game. Each chapter introduces unique settings like the Magic World, Secluded Island, Floating Islands, and more, injecting diversity and thrill into the gameplay. To progress through Tricky Doors, players must interact thoughtfully with rooms and objects through a point-and-click interface.

They collect keys, gems, and various items, all while tackling intricate puzzles and challenges to unlock new areas and propel the storyline forward. The difficulty escalates with each level, encouraging players to refine their hidden object detection and puzzle-solving skills. Whether it's searching for clues, crafting tools, or cracking codes, Tricky Doors offers a gratifying and immersive gaming experience sure to captivate and entertain players throughout their adventure.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough? - FAQs

How many episodes are available in Tricky Doors, and are more being added?  

Currently, there are 15 gripping episodes available in Tricky Doors, with the 16th episode on the horizon. The game continues to expand, offering players an ever-growing world of enigmas and thrilling adventures.

What makes Tricky Doors an appealing gaming experience?

 Tricky Doors combines stunning 3D graphics, captivating puzzles, and satisfying solutions to offer an exciting and mentally stimulating adventure. It appeals to both puzzle enthusiasts and adventure gamers, providing an immersive and suspenseful journey where you unlock the secrets behind enigmatic doors.

How many episodes are available in Tricky Doors, and are more being added?

Currently, there are 15 gripping episodes available in Tricky Doors, with the 16th episode on the horizon. The game continues to expand, offering players an ever-growing world of enigmas and thrilling adventures.

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