Why is Starfield Boost Pack Not Working, How to Fix the Starfield Boost Pack? How to Use the Starfield Boost Pack?

Having trouble with the Starfield Boost Pack? Make sure you've assigned your Boost Pack Training, equipped a pack with the 'Basic Boost Pack' perk, or report any potential bugs to the development team to enhance your gameplay experience.

by Snekha S | Updated Nov 07, 2023 06:34 PM

Why is Starfield Boost Pack Not Working, How to Fix the Starfield Boost Pack? How to Use the Starfield Boost Pack?

What is Starfield Boost Pack?

The Starfield Boost Pack is a valuable asset in the expansive Starfield universe, introducing an exciting dimension to gameplay. These boost packs enable players to glide gracefully through the air, providing a swift and effortless means of traversing the vast in-game world. Their primary purpose is to enhance exploration within the Starfield universe, allowing players to cover significant distances with ease, unveiling hidden treasures, exploring breathtaking landscapes, and embarking on thrilling adventures.

Acquiring a boost pack can be accomplished through various avenues. As players progress through Starfield's main story questline, they will encounter opportunities to obtain these coveted items. Additionally, while journeying through the immersive world of Starfield, players may come across boost packs scattered throughout their adventure. These packs can also be found as loot drops from space pirates and other adversaries in the game, adding an extra layer of excitement to battles.

To manage their boost packs and ensure readiness for action, players can easily access their inventory. Within the Packs submenu, players will find their collection of boost packs. However, it's crucial to note that not every pack discovered serves as a boost pack. To determine a pack's eligibility, players should look for the essential attribute known as the "Basic Boost Pack" perk. If the pack possesses this ability, it can be activated and used as a boost pack, granting players enhanced mobility and unlocking new possibilities within the captivating world of Starfield.

Why is Starfield Boost Pack Not Working?

  1. Boost Pack Training: The primary reason for your Boost Pack not functioning may be that you haven't allocated the Boost Pack Training perk. This perk consists of four tiers, but players can allocate only one tier at a time. It is essential to ensure that you have allocated at least one level in the Boost Pack Training perk before attempting to use the Boost Pack.

  2. Basic Boost Pack: To use a Boost Pack effectively, it must have the "Basic Boost Pack" perk. If you equip a pack that lacks this perk, you'll likely find that the Boost Pack doesn't function. Therefore, always double-check your packs before equipping them to ensure they have the necessary perk.

  3. Potential Bug: As with any newly released game, Starfield may have certain bugs or glitches that affect gameplay elements, including the Boost Pack. If your Boost Pack suddenly stops working, and the above points don't seem to apply to your situation, it could be a bug. To address this, try restarting the game, and consider checking Starfield's Reddit page or various forums where players may discuss and share solutions to specific issues.

How to Fix the Starfield Boost Pack?

  1. Allocate Boost Pack Training: To get started, you'll want to allocate boost pack training. Here's how:

    • Navigate to the tech skill tree within the game.
    • Look for the boost pack training skill.
    • Allocate this skill, which will grant you access to the boost packs.
  2. Check for the Basic Boost Pack Perk: Even after allocating boost pack training, if you still can't seem to use your boost pack, it's time to inspect your pack more closely:

    • Review your packs as mentioned previously.
    • Once you've located the pack you wish to equip, scrutinize it for the "Basic Boost Pack" perk.
    • If the pack lacks this perk, it won't function as a boost pack. If it does have the perk, you should now be able to use it for enhanced mobility.
  3. Report the Issue as a Bug: If, after following the above steps, your boost pack remains non-functional, it's possible that you've encountered a bug within the game. To address this:

    • Report the issue to the game's development team.
    • Provide them with information about the problem you're facing.
    • The development team will investigate the issue and work on a solution, possibly releasing a hotfix to resolve the bug promptly, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for all players.

The Bottom Line: Sometimes, gaming mechanics can be intricate, and overlooking certain aspects of the game can lead to issues with other mechanics. In the case of boost packs not functioning correctly in Starfield, it may be due to a combination of not allocating boost pack training, lacking the "Basic Boost Pack" perk on your pack, or encountering a potential game-breaking bug. By following these steps and reporting any persisting problems to the development team, you can enhance your gameplay experience and continue exploring the captivating world of Starfield with ease.

How to Use the Starfield Boost Pack?

To effectively use the Starfield Boost Pack, you must first acquire the Boost Pack Training skill within the Tech skill tree. Without this skill, your Boost Pack remains a standard backpack or oxygen tank with no special capabilities.

Once you've invested in at least one rank of Boost Pack Training, initiate boosting by double-jumping while in your space suit. This action activates your Boost Pack, allowing you to navigate the cosmos swiftly. As you progress and attain higher skill ranks, your Boost Pack becomes more fuel-efficient, consuming less fuel and regenerating faster.

Fuel, in this context, isn't a tangible resource to manage; it naturally replenishes over time when not in use. Mastering this skill is your ticket to seamless mobility and exploration in the expansive world of Starfield.

Starfield Game Info

Starfield is a highly anticipated action role-playing game that has been generating excitement since its announcement during Bethesda's E3 presentation in 2018. Developed by the renowned Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, this game promises to be a stellar addition to the world of gaming.

Set in a captivating space-themed universe, Starfield offers players a chance to embark on an interstellar journey like no other. It marks a significant milestone as Bethesda's first entirely new intellectual property in nearly three decades, showcasing the studio's dedication to delivering fresh and immersive gaming experiences.

The game is scheduled to be released on September 6, 2023, for Windows and Xbox Series X/S, and the early access release has already garnered generally favorable reviews. This early acclaim suggests that Starfield is poised to be a groundbreaking title, offering players an engaging blend of action, role-playing, and the boundless wonders of outer space.

Starfield Gameplay

"Starfield" offers an expansive and immersive gameplay experience set in an open-world Milky Way galaxy. Players can seamlessly switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, exploring over 1,000 planets, numerous moons, and space stations. The game's landscapes are a mix of procedurally generated terrain and handcrafted content, creating a diverse and visually stunning universe.

As players venture through this vast expanse, they'll encounter a variety of non-playable characters (NPCs) who may join their crew, assist in combat, carry items, and engage in conversations that react to player choices. The game also allows for character customization at the outset, with traits and skills that evolve as the player progresses.

Combat involves a wide array of weapons and the use of jetpacks for both offense and navigation. The game further delves into resource management, base-building, and ship customization, offering a multifaceted gaming experience that incorporates elements of exploration, combat, and diplomacy.

In "Starfield," players can embark on a cosmic journey where they customize their silent protagonist, unlock traits and skills, and engage in action-packed combat.

The modular ship customization system adds depth to space exploration, allowing players to modify their spaceships

Starfield Plot

In the world of Starfield, the narrative unfolds two decades following the conclusion of the Colony War, with an uneasy truce in place between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. Players assume the role of a space miner employed by Constellation, tasked with the mission of locating a enigmatic Artifact. This quest leads to forging alliances with various factions, embarking on a journey to acquire these powerful relics while contending with the enigmatic Starborn, who covet these items of great significance. The adventure carries you to Earth, where you make a startling revelation about the Artifacts' connection to the planet's magnetosphere. A pivotal decision awaits: whether to assist the Hunter, align with the Emissary, or remain neutral in your stance. Following a confrontation with the Starborn and achieving victory, your path takes you to Unity, where an encounter with an alternate version of yourself from a parallel universe sets the stage for an entirely new journey as the Starborn.

Starfield Trailer

How to Use the Starfield Boost Pack - FAQs

What is the Starfield Boost Pack, and how does it enhance gameplay?

The Starfield Boost Pack is an in-game item that allows players to glide through the air, making exploration and traversal in the Starfield universe swift and effortless. It enhances the exploration experience by covering significant distances, uncovering hidden treasures, and facilitating thrilling adventures.

How can players obtain a Boost Pack in Starfield?

Players can acquire a Boost Pack by progressing through the main story questline in Starfield. Additionally, they may come across boost packs while exploring the game world, or they can find them as loot drops from space pirates and adversaries.

What are the main reasons why a Starfield Boost Pack might not work as expected?

There are three main reasons: Players may not have allocated the Boost Pack Training perk, their pack might lack the "Basic Boost Pack" perk, or they could be experiencing a potential bug in the game.

How can players fix a non-working Starfield Boost Pack?

To fix the issue, players should allocate the Boost Pack Training skill, ensure their pack has the "Basic Boost Pack" perk, and report any persisting problems as potential bugs to the game's development team.

When is Starfield set to be released, and what platforms will it be available on?

Starfield is scheduled for release on September 6, 2023, and it will be available on Windows and Xbox Series X/S. Early access reviews have been generally favorable, suggesting an exciting gaming experience.

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